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  • Flexible U-lock extension tex-lock eyelet in gray encloses bike frame on bike stand

    Texlock - A midsummer at full speed

    This summer really has it all! While outside the temperatures are breaking records and we have almost forgotten what a summer rain smells like, it's also pretty hot at Texlock.

  • Mother with child locks bike with tex-lock eyelet

    Your checklist for the cycling season

    It's that time again - the days are getting longer, the sun finally has more oomph, you can hear a quiet scraping from the cellar. I think your bike finally wants some affection again! Slightly rusty, dusty and out of puff - and the bike doesn't look quite so fresh either. So you and your ...

  • Astronaut at roadside with cardboard sign and writing Orbit in hand

    Next stop: orbit! - New blood at tex-lock

    It's been a while since we introduced a new product. But now the time has come again! Our hard-working developers have hatched a brand new lock and now we can welcome tex-lock orbit to our family. Offspring at tex-lock Do you know this? You only appreciate something when you don't ...

  • Bicyclist locks frame and rear wheel to bike stand with tex-lock eyelet orange

    tex-lock was awarded by!

    If you want to park your bike safely and with a clear conscience, it is best to look for seals and certifications from independent institutions. The ART*2 seal of quality and the positive test reports of recent times show that our textile tex-locks are in no way inferior to other folding, collapsible or bicycle locks. Now we are pleased to have another certification to adorn ourselves with ...

  • Flexible shackle lock extension tex-lock eyelet L in orange secures frame and wheels with loop-through principle and X-Lock to guardrail

    Maintain textile bicycle lock - Dos and Dont's

    The security of tex-lock bicycle locks is in no way inferior to that of steel products, as shown by our ART*2 seal of quality. However, the material differs in appearance, feel and flexibility. Textile as a basic material has many advantages, but should be treated with care - just like your favourite jumper. To ensure that your textile bike lock looks good for a long time and functions perfectly, ...

  • Mona Lisa with Corona protective mask

    tex-lock stands up to Corona - the Leipzig face visor

    We are all going through unusual times at the moment. Not only toilet paper has become a scarce commodity, but also much-needed protective equipment. At Texlock, we took a look at what people around us are contributing positively to the current situation. Our product developer Elkana usually works on the latest tex-lock models. He had the idea to develop a face visor and ...

  • Biker stands at sunset with mountain bike in hand and view into the valley at the rocky outcrop

    Bicycle documentaries for staying at home

    Since bigger adventures have to wait for now, we have prepared our favourite bike videos for you to stay at home! You can expect exciting bikepacking reports and films that bring the adventures into your living room. Hand-curated by your Texlock team. So get up on the sofa (or on the roller) and into the adventure! 1. …

  • Female cyclist holding smartphone with bike bonus app open

    Win vouchers and save money with the radbonus app

    We love bikes! And we're not alone in that: in 2018, a whole 75.5 million bikes are said to have made their home in Germany, and the trend is on the rise (statista 2019). The bicycle hype is not unfounded: Cycling is good for your health, your mind and the environment. With Radbonus, you can now also do something good for your wallet. We tell you ...

  • Three tex-lock employees hold up rope locks side by side in the workshop

    The tex-lock - handicraft "made in Leipzig

    Today, the majority of bicycles and accessories of high-priced brands are manufactured in Asia. The tex-lock "Made in Leipzig" is therefore a rare species. After the Texlock founders started out in SpinLab Leipzig with their vision of a textile bicycle lock, it quickly became clear to them that they couldn't do it without their own local production. How it all began ...

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The aim of the project is to obtain approval for a funded, advanced R&D project in cooperation with Saxon companies and research institutions. This includes extensive research, the identification of scientific and industrial partners, the structured evaluation of the existing knowledge base, the preparation of the content of the application, and the application for the R&D project.

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