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About tex-lock locks

General information about tex–lock Castles

A tex-lock is a flexible textile lock with a steel core. As a bicycle lock, e-bike lock, motorcycle lock, moped lock, scooter lock, and much more, it reliably protects two-wheelers of all kinds from theft.

tex–lock comes in three models:

1. the U-lock with textile rope tex–lock eyelet, available in U/X-lock Bundle with two shackles of different lengths and in three rope lengths (80, 120, 160 cm).

2. the cable lock with lock body against lock picking tex–lock orbit (100 cm).

3. the frame lock extension with universal bolt for inserting into all standard frame locks tex–lock mate (120 cm).

Each lock is designed to meet the specific security requirements of different bikes.

Learn more about which tex–lock is the best bike lock for you.

The price of a tex–lock bicycle lock varies from model to model.

Our textile locks are available from 119 euros to 149 euros.

Like urbanbike.news in the tex–lock tex–lock test 2023 says, you get for it

"an extremely flexible lock with the Made in Germany seal, which is well made and also looks chic. Above all, however, it is a lock that you simply like to use - a characteristic that cannot be measured in numbers, but definitely has a great value!"

Not only bicycle professionals are convinced of the price-performance ratio, but also insurance companies recognize the tex–lock as a secure bicycle lock recognize.

The tex–lock eyelet is available in lengths of 80 cm, 120 cm and 160 cm, the tex–lock orbit in 100 cm and the tex–lock mate in 120 cm.

Which is the right bike lock length for you depends on the number of bike parts you want to secure with the lock. And on their size.

To connect only the front or rear wheel to a solid object , the tex–lock eyelet in size S or the tex–lock orbit is sufficient.

To connect the front and/or rear wheel and the frame to a solid object , the tex–lock eyelet in size M has the right length.
The orbit can also do this (with one of the two wheels).

To secure the front and rear wheel, bicycle frame and an additional component such as the bicycle saddle with a solid object , the tex–lock eyelet is the perfect size. Unfortunately, the orbit is not available.

To find out how long a bike lock needs to be for you if your bike has a long wheelbase, you ride a cargo bike, or you want to hook up multiple bikes at once, check out our blog post on the best bike lock from tex–lock.

If none of these lengths are right for you, we will make your tex–lock in the length of your choice for a small additional charge.

Please contact us at [email protected].
tex–lock Locks in desired length are excluded from exchange.

The universal locking bolt of the tex-lock mate fits into all standard frame locks.

If you are unsure whether the tex–lock mate is compatible with your frame lock, please let us know the name of your frame lock at [email protected] and we will check whether it is compatible or not.

Alternatively, you can order the tex-lock mate and test it yourself to see if it fits.

If not, you can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days. right of withdrawal and return the frame lock extension to us.

If you have an Egret e-scooter with a frame lock, we have developed the Egret mate developed especially for this.

If you are looking for an extension for the iLockit frame lock, please contact us at [email protected] as the standard version of the tex–lock mate is not compatible with it.

The best bike lock for e-bikes reliably secures both the expensive electric bike and the battery from theft.

To secure as many high-value bike parts of your e-bike as possible, the tex–lock eyelet in size L has the perfect length.

The ART*2 certified bike lock is also recognized by insurance companies. Which is quite relevant for the value of an e-bike.

Find out which tex–lock model is the the right e-bike lock incl. 5 expert tips on how to properly connect an e-bike

Thanks to the enormous flexibility of a tex–lock, you can attach the bike lock to the bike, for example, on the handlebars, top tube or seat post.

Thanks to the soft feel and the rubberized metal parts, paint scratches are impossible.

Alternatively, the flexible bike lock can be easily rolled up and stored in the bike lock bag or backpack.

The tex–lock bike lock bag is specially designed for transporting the eyelet S and M (the eyelet L is unfortunately too large), orbit and mate .

By means of Velcro you bring them quickly and easily without tools on the carrier or on the top tube and take them off again just as quickly.

Soon there will also be an improved model of the former tex–lock saddle holder to carry the bike lock. 

Subscribe to our newsletter and find out immediately when the new tex–lock bike lock holder is available.

In order to keep your beloved bike as safe as possible, you should ALWAYS attach the bike lock to solid object. 

This is exactly what the tex–lock is made for, so that no object is too wide or too far away.

As is the case with many rigid U-locks or folding locks or with a frame lock alone...

You can see how to connect your bike correctly with a tex–lock in our eyelet video instructions. You can also find the orbit and mate instructions there.

If you want to securely connect your bike at home, for example in the basement, you can use a strong metal ring to attach the bike lock to the wall.

The tex–lock saddle bracket is no longer available.

Instead, we are currently working on an improved model.

Until that is on the market, you can alternatively use the tex-lock bike lock bag or simply wrap your tex-lock around the seat post or handlebars for transport.

In our newsletter you will find out immediately when the new tex–lock mount will be available.

Each tex–lock is lovingly handcrafted in our manufactory in the west of Leipzig and constantly developed further by tex–lock engineers.
All tex-locks therefore bear the "Made in Germany" seal.

Short transport routes, among other things, are important to us during production, which is why we rely on regional suppliers. Learn more about tex–lock and the production.

tex–lock Security & Certificates

Due to the material combination of hardened special steel inside and various layers of high-tech textile fibers around it, the tex–lock protects your bike from theft attempts with saws, bolt cutters and other cutting tools as well as fire.

The ART Foundation has tested that the tex–lock locks eyelet and orbit are safe from bolt cutters and certified the tex–lock security.

The eyelet has additionally been recognized by Sold Secure for its high resistance to theft attempts.

Find out more about the tex–lock as a secure bike lock or be convinced by the professionals who tested the tex–lock in the test have tested it.

The tex–lock lock withstands attacks with a saw.

Due to the material combination of hardened special steel and high-tech textile, saws grit their teeth on it and blades become blunt.

In the bicycle lock test of vit:bikes you can see that a thief cannot cut the lock with a saw alone and that he needs at least 5 minutes to cut the tex–lock even with the help of a bolt cutter. 

vit:bikes confirms that instead of a tex-lock, bike thieves tend to look for easier prey that can be cracked in less time with less effort.

Bike lock tests and videos, such as tex–lock at Galileo, in which a tex–lock is destroyed with a saw, show the tex–lock 1.0 without steel core.

The ART*2 certificate certifies the high level of theft protection of a lock for bicycles and is awarded by the independent ART Foundation from the Netherlands after extensive mechanical security tests. 

To receive the ART*2 certificate, a lock must be able to withstand, for example, a 60 cm bolt cutter without being allowed to support it on the floor for additional leverage.

The tex–lock eyelet and orbit have passed these and other tests by the ART Foundation and therefore bear the ART*2 seal of quality.

Learn more about the ART*2 certificate and the tex–lock as theft secure bike lock.

Sold Secure is the UK's leading independent testing and certification body for security products.

It aims to fight crime by independently testing and certifying security products such as bike locks, alarms and more.

Sold Secure offers four levels of security for bike locks:

1. Bronze for casual theft protection

2. Silver for planned attacks

3. Gold for targeted attacks

4. Diamond for highest protection against destructive violent attacks

With the four bike lock security levels, bike owners can choose the lock with the appropriate security level for their bike.

Learn more about what the Sold Secure certification says about the tex–lock eyelet as a secure bike lock says.

Stiftung Warentest tests according to strict rules of the GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit - tested safety) seal and partly sets its own criteria for bicycle lock tests.

As, for example, for the pollutant load in plastics, which is why the tex–lock was rated "poor" in the Stiftung Warentest 2021 bicycle lock test.

The harmful substances in our shrink tubes (the connection between the textile rope and the metal eyelet) complied with the EU regulation for chemical substances, but not with Stiftung Warentest's regulation.

And this despite the fact that an EU standard for skin contact with tools or bicycle handles, even more so for the shrink tubing of bicycle locks. Because with these you usually have even less skin contact.

Nevertheless, we took Stiftung Warentest's criticism of tex–lock very seriously.

We now use, after extensive testing, an alternative, lower-pollution shrink tubing that meets Stiftung Warentest's criteria.

So far, we have not yet been able to prove this improvement in the Stiftung Warentest 2022 and 2023 bicycle lock test.

You can find out more about this at tex–lock bicycle-lock-test-2023.

The tex–lock test 2018 shows the tex–lock 1.0 without steel core.

This has not been available since 09/24/2018 and was recalled in a major promotion.

With the hardened steel core inside the tex–lock 2.0, we have eliminated thetex–lock weak point at the time.

Thus, the results from the tex–lock test 2018 are invalid.

That the tex–lock 2.0 is a tested secure bicycle lock you will find out in the current Bike lock test 2023.

The tex–lock 1.0 without steel core is no longer available since September 24, 2018.

In the tex–lock store and at our tex–lock dealers you can only get the tex–lock 2 .0 with steel core, which makes the bike lock safe against saws and bolt cutters and other cutting tools.

You can clearly recognize the tex–lock 2.0 by the orange ART seal of approval, which is attached to the rope end of the tex–lock eyelet and orbit .

You will also find the ENRA seal (e-bike insurance) on our banderoles, as well as the seal of our insurance partner Coya.

Care & longevity

The robust outer layer of the textile rope can withstand quite a bit. The tex–lock has a dirt and water repellent outer weave, similar to an outdoor jacket.

In order for it to last as long as possible, you should still handle it with care:

You can wipe off coarse dirt with a damp cloth and then let the lock air dry.

Also, if the tex–lock, for example, in heavy rain, times got wet, you should let it dry in the fresh air.

As a precaution, you should refresh the outer protective layer of the textile bicycle lock every now and then with a commercially available waterproofing spray.

This also prevents heavy soiling, for example from chain grease. You can combat this with a commercially available stain remover.

By letting it hang and pulling it, you bring the textile rope back into shape if it has ever twisted.

If the textile fiber ever pulls a loop, you can pull it back in or massage it in so that the loop is pulled back into the braid.

Learn more details about textile Cleaning and and care.

Locking with the U and X-lock or the tex–lock orbit will give you long-lasting pleasure with the right care.

The lock cylinder of the locks needs 1-2 drops of oil, silicone or graphite spray from time to time so that the bicycle lock does not jam.

To do this, the oil must get between the key disks. Therefore, carefully turn the key back and forth in the locking cylinder after adding oil. 

Insert the key all the way into the lock cylinder to open and close properly. 

Close the cover of the key slot so that it is protected from dirt and the weather at all times if possible.

Learn all the details about how to clean the bike lock if the bike lock is stuck despite all the traffic.

U-locks & spare keys

Since 01.01.2024, the tex–lock eyelet has been available in U/X-lock Bundle with two temples of different lengths, the shorter U-lock temple and the longer X-lock temple.

Both brackets fit into the same locking cylinder and therefore only require one key.

The same applies to the former X-lock as a single part, which has also been available together with the shorter U-lock shackle since 01.01.2024.

All U-locks and X-locks purchased before 01.01.2024 still only work with the corresponding locking cylinder and key.

About our newsletter you will receive news like this immediately.

The shackle of the U-lock and X-lock is locked at both ends by the locking cylinder.

This double-sided shackle lock makes it difficult to break or saw open, as it is not enough to crack the shackle at just one of the two ends.

The time and effort required to crack open the shackle at both ends reduces the risk of theft.

Shackle locks with shackle locking on both sides are therefore more secure than shackle locks with single locking.

With the longer X-lock bracket, you can secure several bike parts at the same time and/or on one solid object by guiding the bracket around the rear wheel, seat stay and a bicycle stand, for example.

This is particularly advantageous if you want to secure several valuable components, such as your saddle or wheelset, against theft. And if you want to prevent your bike from being carried away.

Although the shorter U-lock bracket cannot secure your bike to a solid object , it has the advantage over the X-lock bracket that it sits closer to the bike, making it harder to crack open

This is particularly advantageous if you either don't want to secure any other expensive bike parts or can secure them in another way, e.g. with the eyelet textile cable, and instead prefer a U-lock that is as small, light and secure as possible.

With the number you find on the key bit (T....), you can order up to three replacement keys from us.

The cost is 12.60 € net (plus VAT) per key. Shipping within Germany is free, otherwise 10 € (with tracking).

Delivery times are approx. 4-6 weeks (in exceptional cases longer due to manufacturer).

Here you can find the tex–lock replacement key.

About orders in tex–lock store

Orders & Returns

This payment methods are available to you:

Sofort Banking: The secure online banking service of your bank or savings bank. Your personal banking data remains protected and secret to the maximum. Exactly the same high security and data protection standards as for online banking.

Credit card payment: Pay online with your credit card(3D Secure verification)

SEPA direct debit: You authorize us as the payee to debit the amount of your order (the direct debit) from your account. You just enter your account details and confirm the SEPA direct debit mandate.

PayPalAs a Paypal user, simply pay with your registered login data.

giropayThe alternative to instant banking . The secure online banking of your bank or savings bank protects your personal banking data to the maximum. Equally high security and data protection standards as with online banking and instant banking.

iDeal: Using the online payment system from the Netherlands, customers transfer funds directly from their bank account. It is based on online banking and works like giropay and Sofortüberweisung.

Apple Pay: Apple users can use it to pay without having to enter their credit or debit card data or fill out a complicated form, provided they have a credit card on file in the Apple Pay app ("Wallet").

Mollie is a licensed payment service provider specializing in processing online payments on behalf of merchants (e.g. web store operators such as tex–lock).

Mollie guarantees that your money will be safely transferred from your bank to us.

Since Mollie takes care of making payments, sometimes Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments will show up on your statement.

You have questions or problems with your payment? Write us at [email protected].

Depending on the payment method you chose when placing your order, it may take different amounts of time for the money to be posted back.

Normally it takes about 5 business days until you have your money back.

If it takes longer, please write us at [email protected].

All items purchased in our online store you can return within 14 days.

Attention: The shipping costs for the return are borne by you according to our cancellation rules you.

Here's how you do it:

Fill out the returns form so that we can clearly assign the return and process it faster. This helps you and us.

Return the unused merchandise and the completed form to the following address using a postal service of your choice:

Texlock GmbH - Retoure
Aufgang C, 1.OG
Ludwig-Hupfeld-Straße 16
04179 Leipzig

Less any postage costs for shipping to you, the refund of the payment amount will be made via the original payment method.

We do our best to complete the refund within 14 business days of receiving your return.

Please note: All returned items will be inspected at our warehouse. If an item arrives in worn or damaged condition, or is otherwise in unacceptable condition so that the item cannot be resold, the cancellation may be rejected and no refund will be issued. Upon request, we will return the unsaleable merchandise to you.

If you want to exchange one item for another, reorder the desired product in the tex–lock store and return the unwanted item.

You can find out how to do this in the previous question.

We will process and refund your return regardless of your new order.

For administrative reasons, it is not possible to offset both orders.

In the heat of the moment, something can unfortunately go wrong in our logistics. We are very sorry about that!

If you have received an item that you did not order, please contact [email protected] and we will send you a return label by email.

Once the item reaches our warehouse, we will arrange for a refund to your original payment method.

Please place the original order again. Unfortunately, the two orders cannot be offset against each other.

Something went wrong with the packing - sorry for that!

Please contact us within 14 days from the date of delivery to [email protected] and we will send the missing goods immediately.

Discounts & vouchers

Go to your shopping cart and redeem your discount code in the "Add Coupon" field.

You must enter your discount code exactly as you received it from us. Please note that the code is case sensitive, without spaces.

The same principle applies to gift vouchers, as they come with a discount code.

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