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About tex-lock

General questions

tex-lock is a textile-based bicycle lock and was conceived, developed and manufactured in Leipzig. It is therefore a product "Made in Germany". During production we pay attention to the highest quality and regional suppliers. The rope and all connecting parts are manufactured by German suppliers according to our specifications. The fastener is imported. The assembly of all parts takes place in our own manufactory in Leipzig . Here the tex-lock is also lovingly packed and shipped to you.

tex–lock eyelet

Eyelet S

  • without closure - 780g
  • with U-lock - 1240g
  • with X-lock - 1439g

Eyelet M

  • without closure - 1050g
  • with U-lock - 1510g
  • with X-lock - 1700g

Eyelet L

  • without closure - 1300g
  • with U-lock - 1760g
  • with X-lock - 1950g

tex–lock mate

  • 1040g (excl. frame lock)

tex–lock orbit

We will be happy to make you a lock that matches your personal ideal length. Please contact our customer service at [email protected]. Please note, however, that custom-made locks have a small surcharge and are excluded from exchange.

In 90% of cases, our tex-lock mate fits into the usual frame locks. Give us the name of your frame lock at [email protected] and we will tell you if it is compatible. You can also order the tex-lock mate and test it yourself to see if it fits. If not, you can use your right of withdrawal within 14 days and return the lock to us.

The saddle bracket product has been discontinued. We are currently developing an improved model which we hope to launch next season. Until then, we recommend our customers to use our tex-lock transport bag or to transport the tex-lock wrapped around the seat post or handlebar.

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Security & Certificates

Our goal in developing this new type of bicycle lock system was to combine solid resistance with clever connection options - to be able to secure as many bicycle parts and the frame to fixed objects as possible. This meant finding a balance between resistance and flexibility. The tex-lock carries both the Dutch independent ART certificate and the British Sold Secure certificate - proving that it can solidly withstand attacks by various thieves' tools.

The modular design of the tex-lock eyelet even creates double security: the tex-lock rope secures bicycle components as well as frames to fixed objects with its loop-through principle, furthermore, the U-lock or X-lock can provide additional protection. Because cleverly used, the bicycle thief has to overcome two systems - and that costs time that the thief does not have.
Of course, there are bicycle locks that are even more robust against tools than the tex-lock. However, the design of these makes it more difficult to get around lanterns or railings to protect the bike from being carried away.

We have exposed all parts of the tex-lock to various attacks.
The multi-layer construction of the tex-lock rope 2.0 offers protection against bolt cutters, saws, fire, leverage or tensile forces. In the 2.0 version, the saw resistance in particular has been significantly improved. This has been available on the market since 24 September 2018. The eyelets and shackle locks used in the tex-lock are made of hardened steel.
We consider DIN SPEC 60016, which was developed specifically for textile security systems, to be the quality standard.

ART*2 is a two-wheel certification conducted by an independent, Dutch institute.
Bike locks with the ART seal of approval are only approved by the ART Foundation after comprehensive mechanical safety testing at the SKG-IKOB. There are a wide variety of load tests on cut, pull and wear machines. The core of the test is attacks with various tools over a fixed duration. If the lock survives these, it receives the seal.
We at tex-lock strongly recommend that you invest in an independently certified bike lock when buying a bike, as well as taking out additional bike insurance. In the Netherlands and Germany, many insurers require that customers use a lock with the ART seal of approval.
The ART*2 seal for the tex-lock eyelet is only valid when used in combination with the tex-lock U- or X-Locks as Bundle .

Sold Secure is the leading independent testing and certification body for security products in the UK with the aim of stopping crime. They are experts in security and test bicycle locks, alarm systems and much more. Sold Secure was founded in 1992 and is in close contact with many police forces and insurers in the UK. 

Sold Secure evaluated according to a three-tier evaluation system: 

  • Sold Secure Gold as the safest level for theft risk areas
  • Sold Secure Silver, which is a compromise between safety, weight and price
  • Sold Secure Bronze designed to protect against casual theft

Through these three levels, cyclists can assess what level of security they need for their purposes and be sure that the certified locks have been through some tough tests.

Since 24 September 2018, you will only receive the tex-lock 2.0 version when ordering in the Texlock online shop and from the dealer. This version has been significantly improved in its saw resistance.

You can recognize the tex-lock of the current generation by the orange ART label, which is attached to our tex–lock eyelets below the eyelets. You will also find the ENRA seal (e-bike insurance) on our banderoles, as well as the seal of our insurance partner Coya.

Stiftung Warentest tests according to the strict and voluntary rules of the GS test seal (Tested Safety). We, on the other hand, are guided by the legal EU regulations of REACH (The REACH - Regulation (EC) is the European Chemicals Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). They are the rules that also apply to our suppliers. We consider compliance with the legal requirement, which also applies to contact surfaces of tools or bicycle handles, to be acceptable against the background of the low skin contact in comparison with other applications. In the area of harmful substances, Stiftung Warentest unfortunately gave us a "poor" rating. This was due to the shrink tubes we use at the ends of the ropes. In the overall assessment, a better result is no longer possible - these are the rules of Stiftung Warentest. We take the criticism very seriously and are now using an alternative, less harmful shrink tubing, which we are using in current product series after extensive testing.

Care & Durability

As the outer braiding of the rope is made of polyester - a very robust fibre - it can withstand a lot. Nevertheless, you should always handle it with care. We have equipped the tex-lock with a dirt- and water-repellent outer braid, similar to an outdoor jacket. You can wipe off dirt with a damp cloth without leaving a trace. As a precaution, it is best to treat the tex-lock regularly with a commercially available waterproofing spray. If it rains heavily, the tex-lock will also get wet. Simply dry it in the fresh air. Daily winding and twisting can damage the rope. Therefore, pull your tex-lock from time to time and smooth it out. If a loop forms, you can pull it back in or massage it in so that the loop is quickly pulled back into the braid.

To ensure that the U-lock stays with you for a long time, you should always follow a few care instructions:

  • Our U-locks are happy to receive a regular drop of oil (e.g. oil, silicone or graphite spray). For this, the oil must get between the different key discs. Carefully turn the key back and forth in the lock cylinder after adding oil. 
  • Please make sure to insert the key all the way into the lock cylinder to be able to open and close properly. 
  • If possible, always keep the key slot cover closed so that it is protected from wind, weather and water.

U-lock, X-lock & spare key

Unfortunately, we cannot (yet) fulfil your wish with the keyed alike locks. However, our development department is always working on new products and also has this wish on the table. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular updates on our products!

Click here to reorder keys. We offer the option to reorder keys - for this we need the number you find on the key bit (T....). A maximum of three replacement keys can be ordered. The cost is 12,60 € net (plus VAT) per key. Shipping within Germany is free of charge, otherwise 10 € (with tracking). Delivery times are approx. 4-6 weeks (longer in exceptional cases due to manufacturer).

About the raijn

General questions

raijn is a multifunctional rainwear that transforms from a rain jacket into a coverall in seconds. Optimised for cycling, raijn becomes your flexible companion in everyday mobile life.

The name of our rainwear is derived from the Japanese weather god "Raijin". As one of the oldest deities, he is associated with the weather and its effects. According to Buddhist teachings, he represents the forces of nature and is thus understood as a good spirit. We want to transport this positive energy with raijn.

We are very proud that raijn is realised by a premium outdoor clothing manufacturer based in China. High quality products are created under professional and transparent conditions and manufactured under fair and safe working conditions. In a trusting dialogue and exchange of knowledge with each other, we can constantly improve and grow together.

All materials used are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

raijn is made from a particularly lightweight 3-layer material and offers a water column of 20,000 mm. The breathability of 25,000 g/m²/24h also ensures natural temperature regulation. This means that no moisture can penetrate from the outside, while at the same time perspiration is transported away from the inside to the outside as water vapour via the microporous membrane.

raijn is also equipped with ventilation openings in the back and under the arms. Perforations in the hood provide you with fresh wind and allow you to perceive ambient noise in traffic.

We have placed generous reflective stripes in all important spots. You'll find reflectors on the hood, upper body and back. In addition, the arms, thighs and calves have reflective stripes so that you can always be seen from a distance.

Everything has a price - due to its optimal performance and the amount of material, careful workmanship and fair wages for the seamstresses, the price is appropriate for a durable and carefully designed garment of this quality.

You can find the current list of our partners who offer raijn on our storefinder page.

Use & comfort

raijn is an innovative clothing concept that combines function, fashion and mobility in a practical way. In the blink of an eye, a stylish rain jacket becomes an overall:

  1. Loosen the trouser legs folded inwards in the waist area
  2. Fold the trouser panels outwards and close the zips. 
  3. Now close the press studs on both hems of the trousers.
  4. The adjustable elastics at the waist ensure a perfect fit.

Optional rain overshoes complete the all-weather look to get you to your destination dry.

As this is an outdoor garment that is not cut to figure, we have designed double sizes in the following sizes:

  • S/M Ladies
  • L/XL Ladies
  • S/M men
  • L/XL men

raijn takes into account that rainwear is often worn with other outdoor clothing underneath. In general, raijn fits loosely and offers a comfortable fit. Use the size chart to help you choose the right size.

Of course - when developing the raijn hood, we took into account the most common bicycle helmets in terms of shape and size.

One fits all - take the cover shoes out of the belt pouch and simply slip it on. Start by stepping into the front and pulling the cover over your shoe towards the back.


raijn is made of a very light, soft and supple material. Accordingly, you should not bring raijn into contact with sharp objects when stowing it. You should also bear this in mind with your everyday clothing worn underneath, e.g. dungarees, belts, pockets or buckles can cause pressure points and holes in the material.

raijn is not suitable for carrying a backpack or shoulder bag, as the carrying straps can damage the material. However, a small backpack can be worn under raijn.

When cycling, pay attention to the width of the trouser legs so that they do not come into contact with the bicycle chain. Alternatively, use a trouser band that further reduces the leg width.

If the front zip of your raijn doesn't close straight away, it's worth checking that you have really caught both zips. With 2-way zips it can happen that you forget to hook one of the zips. This also happens to us regularly. If this is not the case and nothing else is stuck, please contact our customer service.

Before washing, close all zips and press studs and turn the garment inside out. Wash raijn together with similar garments that are not heavily soiled. It's best to wash raijn in the overall version.

raijn can be washed at 30°C on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Partial soiling can be removed by wiping the surface. Please do not rub heavily! Product care has a strong influence on the life of your garment and therefore on its sustainability. Regular airing and wiping of the fabric surface also maintains the breathability and finish of your raijn for a long time.

raijn please do not dry clean under any circumstances! We recommend a professional textile care and washing service especially for outdoor & functional clothing. For more information please contact our Customer Care Team: [email protected]

Only wash raijn when it is really dirty. If raijn gets wet in the rain, dry it well. You can reactivate the waterproofing with every wash.

Normally, raijn does not need to be ironed. If necessary (to iron out wrinkles or reactivate the impregnation from time to time), please iron only on level 1 and without steam. Place a cloth or tea towel between the iron and the garment to avoid pressure marks.

raijn is provided with a durable water repellency (DWR) impregnation. Ironing or machine drying maintains this impregnation. If the water on the material no longer beads off, as well as washing and drying no longer show any effect, we recommend a professional and professional re-impregnation. We do not recommend impregnation by yourself. For more information, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

After a rain shower, raijn should be spread out briefly or aired over a chair or coat hanger. Always put raijn back in the bag after use when it is really dry. When dry, simply put raijn back into the integrated belt pouch.

About our store


You can use the following payment methods in our online shop:

  • Sofort Banking - use the secure online banking service of your bank or savings bank, your personal banking data remains protected and secret to the maximum. Equally high security and data protection standards as for online banking
  • Credit card payment - pay online with your credit card(note 3D Secure verification!)
  • PayPal - as a registered Paypal user you simply pay with e-mail address and password
  • giropay - use the secure online banking of your bank or savings bank, your personal banking data remain maximally protected and secret. Equally high security and data protection standards as for online banking
  • iDeal - Online payment system from the Netherlands, it allows customers to pay with direct transfer from bank account. It is based on online banking and works like giropay and Sofortüberweisung.
  • Apple Pay - Apple users can use it to pay without having to enter their credit or debit card details or fill in a complicated form

Mollie is our licensed payment service provider that specialises in processing online payments on behalf of merchants (e.g. webshop operators). This guarantees that your money is transferred securely from your bank to us. As Mollie takes care of the payment transactions, sometimes Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments will appear on your bank statement.

If there are any questions or problems regarding your payment, please contact [email protected].

Depending on the payment method you chose when placing your order, it can take different amounts of time until the funds are available again. Normally, it takes about 5 working days until you have your money back in your account.

All items purchased in our online shop can be returned within 14 days.

ATTENTION: The shipping costs for the return are your responsibility according to our cancellation rules.

  1. Please return the unused goods to us well packed with a postal service of your choice to the following address:
Texlock GmbH - Return
Staircase C, 1st floor
Ludwig-Hupfeld-Str. 16
04178 Leipzig
  1. Please fill out the return form before returning the goods. This helps us to allocate the return clearly and to process it faster.
  2. The refund of the payment amount (minus any postage costs for shipping to you) will be made via your originally used payment method.

We will do our best to complete the refund within 14 working days of receiving your returned item.

Please note: All returned items will be inspected upon arrival at our warehouse. If an item arrives in already worn or damaged condition, or is otherwise in unacceptable condition, the cancellation may be refused and no refund will be given. Instead, we will return the unsaleable, used item to you upon request.

If you would like to exchange your lock, simply order a new lock from our online shop and return the unwanted goods to us. You can find out how to do this in the previous question.

We will process and refund your return regardless of your new order.

Unfortunately, offsetting is not possible for administrative reasons.

In the heat of the moment, things can unfortunately go wrong in our logistics. We are very sorry for this. If you have received an item that you did not order, please contact [email protected] and we will email you a return label.

Once the item has reached our warehouse, we will arrange your refund. The refund will be made to your original payment method.

Please place your original order again. Unfortunately, the two orders cannot be offset against each other.

Something went wrong during packing - sorry for that! Please contact us within 14 days from the date of delivery at [email protected] and we will send the goods in question immediately.

Discounts & Vouchers

Go to your shopping cart, there you can redeem your discount code via "Add voucher". You have to enter your discount code exactly as you received it from us, please note that it is case sensitive, without spaces.

Go to your shopping cart, there you can redeem your discount code via "Add voucher". You have to enter your discount code exactly as you received it from us, please note that it is case sensitive, without spaces.

  • Your cart ist still waiting for your favourite product.

The goal of the project is the approval of a funded, advanced R&D project in cooperation with Saxon companies and research institutions. This includes extensive research, the identification of scientific and industrial partners, the structured evaluation of the existing knowledge base, the preparation of the content of the application, and the application for the R&D project.

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