tex-lock mate: flexible frame lock extension

Flexible frame lock extension tex-lock mate connected to the frame lock
Flexible frame lock extension tex-lock mate gray by loop through around bike stand

You have a bike or e-bike with frame lock?
This immobilizer alone is not enough for you?
Then we have the solution for you: The flexible frame lock extension tex-lock mate.
Our textile frame lock extension is a 120 cm long textile cable with a rubberized metal eyelet at one end and a hardened universal bolt, which you dock directly on the frame lock, at the other end.
With an extremely easy handling, very comfortable use, particularly high quality and extremely reliable protection, the tex-lock mate offers you a variety of unbeatable advantages.

Your advantages at a glance

Reliable protection

The saw-resistant metal core, cut-resistant and fire-resistant high-performance fibers, and rubberized metal eyelet protect your bike from theft, your frame from scratches, and your ears from rattling. You enjoy the All-round carefree package.

Convenient use

The Universal bolt fits into standard frame locks and with a length of length of 120 cm offers you the tex-lock mate offers you more than enough spaceto lock your bike with frame lock securely around a fixed object around a fixed object. So you no longer have to worry if the distance is too wide or the lamppost too wide for your bike lock for your bike lock.

High flexibility

The textile rope is extremely flexible, so you can wrap it up in no time or wrap it around your bike and and a solid object and a solid object. The painful pressure on the back by a rigid bicycle lock in the backpack or a cramp in the hand from the cumbersome lock with the lock you are thus spared.

Low weight

With just 1,040 grams (excl. frame lock), the textile rope is comparatively light, so you can carry it easily and and almost unnoticed can. For this you get our transport bag for free. Your luggage while cycling is thus not unnecessarily complicated by the lock, so you can rather invest the weight saved in a tasty snack for in between.

Especially stylish

You choose the textile frame lock extension in the color pattern of your choice. Because the tex-lock mate is available in black, simple gray or eye-catching morpho-blue. So whether you're looking for a lock color to match your bike, on the lookout for an eye-catching lock variant or prefer a muted alternative, one of the three colors is sure to be right for you.

Very durable

Very durable: Thanks to the high quality materials and professional workmanship, you will enjoy the tex-lock mate will be a long faithful companion companion. Your precious money is well invested and you will not have to invest time and effort in the search for a new secure bicycle lock for a secure bike lock.


The tex-lock mate meets the highest security standards.

Saw protection

Saw resistance is ensured by a hardened metal core inside.

Cut protection

Bolt cutters and blades are repelled by the special high-tech textiles.

Fire protection

Proven in fire brigades and fire protection, these fibres withstand maximum temperatures.

Paint protection

The soft outer layer not only looks good, but also protects against scratches in the paintwork.

More security

If the e-bike or bicycle already has a frame lock and a solution is sought to additionally secure the bicycle from being carried away or pushed away, then the tex-lock mate is the perfect choice. It is a flexible frame lock extension that docks directly onto the frame lock. Like the tex-lock eyelet, the tex-lock mate is made of several layers of high-tech fibres and a hardened metal core. With a length of 120 cm, it offers high practical value. The extension is available in grey and black and weighs 1040 grams (excluding frame lock). A transport bag that can be attached to the luggage rack or top tube is included.

If you are looking for a connection option for your iLockit, please contact [email protected] The standard version of the mate is not compatible with these locking mechanisms. If you use an Egret e-scooter with a frame lock, you can find the official Egret mate by tex-lock here.

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