tex-lock Special Edition 2023: neon earth

Color wheel of neon earth color strands

The tex-lock Special Edition 2023 is as special as you and your bike.
Because with its eight radiant colors, the tex-lock neon earth is
is as colorful as nature and reflects your love for the wonderfully unique ecosystems that you love to experience with your bike.

Out of the city. Into nature.

The tex-lock neon earth uniquely combines love of nature, safety and style.

Forgotten are the days when your bike was just a means of transportation, your castle was just a means to an end, and nature was just an environment for you.

From now on you show with your lock a piece of personality and your passion for adventurous bike rides in nature.

As closely connected as you and your bike: a unique bike lock with security and style

Just asas you express your personality with your bike including outfit, helmet and co. to express bringyou can do that thanks to tex-lock you can do the same with your bike lock.
because each of the eight colors reflects an ecosystemby taking a break from the stressful city life with your bike.
So that you can enjoy this time out in nature carefree, the 2023 special edition of Texlock offers you offers you the highest security for your beloved bike.
Because it is made of the same
high-quality materials as every tex-lock textile lock:

Saw protection

Saw resistance is ensured by a hardened metal core inside.

Cut protection

Bolt cutters and blades are repelled by the special high-tech textiles.

Fire protection

Proven in fire brigades and fire protection, these fibres withstand maximum temperatures.

Paint protection

The soft and colorful outer layer not only looks good, but also protects against scratches in the paint.

With tex-lock Special Edition 2023 you support the biodiversity of the "European Green Belt

Just as the tex-lock neon earth unites you and your bike with nature, the non-profit foundation EuroNatur connects people all over Europe with their extraordinary environment.
With the project
"Green Belt Europe the nature lovers are campaigning for the unique biodiversity that has emerged along the former Iron Curtain.. We also show with the tex-lock neon earth how much we appreciate the nature that we so love to experience and discover with our bike. Therefore sTherefore, we donate 1% of the neon earth sales to this project. By buying this year's special edition, you too are showing your love of nature. And who knows, maybe you and your bike will end up in this spectacular landscape one day.

Whether eyelet or orbit: Your off/nature time is relaxed for sure

Dn order for you to enjoy nature in all its glory, the tex-lock neon earth comes not only with security and style. It is also particularly easy to use. Both the orbit and the eyelet neon earth are, despite their hard core exceptionally flexible bike lock variantswhich are particularly easy to store and transport. to transport. Both lock types have but even more special features for you.

Advantages of tex-lock orbit neon earth

You can lock your bike with the orbit neon earth thanks to the Click & Go principle without a key in a flash to a fixed object.
The popular lock also allows you to lock your bike with its
Click & Connect function to connect two tex-lock orbits together. This allows you to connect even two bikes together with ease.
The tex-lock orbit is thanks to these special features a particularly practical lock.

Advantages of tex-lock eyelet neon earth

While the orbit with a length of 100 cm has a compact size, there is the eyelet neon earth in size M with 120 cm and with a U-lock of your choice..
With the unique
loop-through principle this noble lock allows you to, to use the full length of the textile rope to secure all important bike components and to protect additional elements, such as your saddle, to protect against theft..
A must for any quick release and your hub motor!

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