bike accessories for more comfort and safety while cycling

Discover our useful bike accessoriesto maximize your comfort and safety while cycling. 

Whether you're an experienced road cyclist, daredevil mountain biker, laid-back city cruiser or rank beginner, the right bike gear often makes all the difference. 

And you don 't need a lot of bells and whistles to take your riding experience to a new level, just the right accessories. That's exactly what you'll find here.

We have put together a selection of bike accessories for you: From bike lock bags, to practical rain overshoes, to stylish reflector stickers and even more...

No chance for mud and wet: bike mudguard and rain overshoes

If you like to ride off-road or even bad weather can't stop you from cycling, then rain overshoes and mudguards are essential as bike accessories .

Our mobile clip-on bike mudguard protects you from splashing mud and water, while the rain overshoes keep your feet dry. So you can fully concentrate on your ride without worrying about wet and dirty clothes. 

The ASS-SAVERS splash guard is very easy and lightning fast to install, can be easily folded away under the saddle when not in use and is compatible with any bike that has a standard rail saddle and a tire width of 23-35 mm. 

The water-repellent rain overshoes hug any shoe from size 36 to 46 and have such a small pack size that you can always take them, for example, in the small saddle bag just in case. 

With these two bike accessories you are well equipped to ride your bike even in adverse weather conditions.

raijn rain overshoes
ASS SAVERS mudguard for plugging

Bicycle reflectors for more visibility from any angle

If you ride your bike in low light conditions, e.g. during twilight or even in the dark, good lighting is indispensable for your safety!

The front and rear lights are often not enough. To be seen from all sides in time, you can additionally increase your visibility with luminous reflector stickers.

The reflective stickers Chevron can be applied even in the smallest corners of your bike thanks to their geometric shape and reflect the light from other vehicles so that you are better seen. You can attach them to the rims, the frame, your helmet or even your clothes to ensure your maximum visibility.

With these bright green reflective stickers, you can be sure that you'll always be highly visible, no matter what angle other road users are looking at you from.

If you do not like green and would rather pimp your bike visually with funny stickers, the Reflex Stickers Emoji are the right light stickers for you.

Reflective sticker "chevron" (Green)
Reflective emoji stickers 'tex-lock'

For your eyelet or U-Lock: X-Lock as single part and replacement bracket

To ensure that your tex–lock eyelet protects your beloved bike from theft, the corresponding X- or U-lock is crucial. Because the ART-certified security of the eyelet- textile lock is only valid in combination with one of the two U-locks.

So that you can flexibly adapt the supposedly rigid lock to your needs, the X-lock is available as a single part and as a shackle extension for the U-lock.

If the shackle of your U-lock is too short, you can simply extend the small shackle lock with the X-lock replacement shackle. You do not need to buy a complete X-lock , but can simply change the shackle. Because the replacement shackle is suitable for the X and U-lock.

If you need a completely new X-lock , you can also buy the narrow U-lock in our bike accessories store as a single part, i.e. without the eyelet textile cable.

Both U-lock variants in combination with the tex–lock eyelet offer you a tested safe and convenient way to secure your bike from potential thieves.

Product image tex-lock X-Lock
U-lock shackle extension

More smoothness and ease: bike lock bag and chain care

As nice, light and flexible as a tex–lock lock is, sometimes it can still be inconvenient to carry the lock with you while riding. 

Our bike lock bag for orbit and mate solves this problem: You simply attach it to the luggage rack or top tube and thus do not need to unnecessarily burden your luggage on the back. 

The small black bag is stylish and practical at the same time and offers enough space for the tex–lock orbit and mate .

So that your beautiful textile lock does not get ugly smudges when connecting and disconnecting and when stowing in the bag, there is a very practical accessory: The LUBRI DISC bicycle chain oil and the LUBRI DISC chain care for the bike

With it you can free your bike chain from dirt and excess grease and make it supple and durable. Simply apply, leave to act and wipe off - the chain is clean and ready for the next tour. 

Regular chain maintenance is not only important to avoid unsightly smudges, but also for a smooth ride.

LUBRI DISC bike chain lube set
Bag for tex-lock mate and eyelet

Upgrade your driving fun with the right bike accessories

With the enthusiasm for the bike the fun starts and with the right bike accessories it continues!

With the right bike accessories, you can focus on your riding fun without worrying about comfort or safety.

Whether you choose a bike mudguard, reflector stickers, chain care or a bike lock bag, our high-quality accessories will take your riding comfort to a new level.

So grab your bike and get ready for an even more enjoyable and safe riding experience! Here in our tex–lock bike accessories store.

Even more about bike accessories and Co.

Apart from all these cool accessories, one thing is undisputedly the most important gadget for high-quality bikes: the bike lock.

Convince yourself of the advantages of our textile locks and learn more in the tex–lock bloghow cycling in rain can even be fun, how you can clean your textile bike lock as well as other interesting bike info.

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