Flexible textile locks for all your bikes

Our textile locks come in three models:

  • The flexible shackle lock extension tex-lock eyelet
  • The textile rope lock tex-lock orbit
  • The frame lock extension tex-lock mate.

All three tex-locks combine our textile rope technology with a combination of hardened steel and textile, which gives the locks security and flexibility. This makes your tex-lock also suitable for securing your other two-wheelers: From bicycle locks and e-bike locks, to motorcycle locks and moped locks, to scooter locks and scooter locks, almost all vehicles with two wheels can be securely connected with the textile lock. Here you can learn more about the current models, what added value the textile lock technology offers you and find the right textile lock for your bike today!

Four exclusive advantages of textile-based locks

The textile lock technology made of high-tech fibers and hardened steel gives all tex-lock models
special advantages from which you benefit:

Multiple safe

No cracking, no rattling, no scratches

Which makes the flexible locks resistant to attacks with a saw or knife. The steel core is surrounded by three layers of high-tech fibers, which give the textile rope additional cut protection against attacks with bolt cutters , as well as fire protection. The rubberized metal parts at the ends of the rope and the soft surface of textile are another advantage: they protect your frame from scratches and your ears from rattling.

Maximum comfort

Enormous flexibility, light weight and the ideal length for easy handling

that you can wrap in the twinkling of an eye or wrap around your bike and a solid object. The painful pressure on the back by a rigid bike lock in the backpack, or a cramp in the hand from the cumbersome locking with an inflexible lock are thus spared.

Your luggage is therefore not unnecessarily weighed down while riding, so you can invest the weight saved in other things, for example in other bike accessories, can invest.

You can thus choose a model whose length perfectly fits your bike to securely connect it to a fixed object and no longer have to worry if the distance is too far or the lamppost is too wide for your lock.

Well invested

A tex-lock is a faithful companion

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and professional workmanship, tex-lock textile locks not only offer high resistance to theft through attacks with bolt cutters and the like, but also against the effects of weather and wear. Thanks to this resistance, your tex-lock is extremely durable and will be your faithful companion for a long time. Your money is therefore better invested than in a cheap lock, which may be available for less money, but will not last as long as a tex-lock. This will save you the hassle of looking for a new lock in the long run.

More than just a castle

Unique designs for individual style

Five textile ropes in bright color patterns next to each other
  • black
  • electirc grey
  • orange
  • morpho blue
  • neon earth (limited special edition)

You can see in which color pattern the tex-lock model of your choice is available by looking at the color selection on the product pages. The limited tex-lock Special Edition neon earth is available in three popular models. So whether you're looking for a lock color to match your bike, on the lookout for an eye-catching lock variant or prefer a more subdued alternative, there's sure to be the right color for you!

Three textile lock models and their individual advantages

Because every bike is built differently, bicycles and e-bikes also need to be secured against theft differently than, for example, mopeds, scooters or motorcycles. To ensure a high level of protection against theft, each textile lock model has been specially developed for individual purposes. Each tex-lock therefore has its own advantages:

The tex-lock eyelet is a flexible shackle lock extension in three different lengths, which is available in a bundle with the X-lock or U-lock. At each end of the rope there is a plastic-coated metal eyelet in order to apply the loop-through principle and thus obtain double protection in only one lock. The high security is certified with the ART*2 seal of approval and by Sold Secure.

The ART*2-certified tex-lock orbit is a textile rope lock with a key lock cylinder and a robust lock body. Thanks to this, the textile lock resists not only attacks by bolt cutters, saws and fire, but also against lock picking, drilling, overtightening, etc.
With a length of 100 cm, it can be used universally and is an extremely practical lock thanks to locking without a key (Click & Go) and its connection option with other orbits (Click & Connect).

The tex-lock mate works as a flexible extension for frame locks.
With the practical rope length of 120 cm, the bike can be secured from the frame around any fixed object and combined with the universal bolt made of hardened steel with all common frame locks.
Without a frame lock extension, the bike could easily be carried or pushed away. Thanks to your tex-lock mate, this is no longer possible, so the potential thief can walk away. 

All these listed advantages make flexible locks tex-lock not only the ideal choice to protect the beloved bike from theft and scratches, but the ideal lock for almost any means of transportation with two wheels.

Textile locks for (e-)bike, moped, motorcycle, scooter & Co. and their individual advantages

The flexible textile rope of the textile locks can be placed around almost any two-wheeled vehicle and all fixed objects. Whether you ride your e-scooter to work and park it in busy places, take your moped into town for a quick shopping trip, cruise to the stadium for a game on your scooter, or take your e-bike on a trip into nature: the popular textile models are a reliable choice for protecting any bike from theft, from e-bikes and bicycles, to mopeds and motorcycles, to scooters and e-scooters.

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