Waterproof shoe covers

39,95  incl. VAT

  • 1 pair of black rain overshoes
  • water repellent, wind repellent, breathable
  • Onesize for everyday shoes from 36 - 46
  • Easy to pull over thanks to elastic material and flexible drawstrings
  • Increased visibility in the dark due to reflective elements
  • Non-slip tread thanks to reinforced sole toe and heel
  • No wetness from above thanks to high shaft
  • Small pack size and hardly noticeable in the luggage

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Goodbye wet feet: These waterproof shoe covers for cycling keep your shoes dry!

These rain overshoes for bike will always keep your feet dry in bad weather and cold season. 

The flexible rain cover can be easily pulled over normal shoes and protects your feet thanks to the water-repellent material, high shaft and elastic drawstring from rain, splashing water, mud and snow.

Whether you're biking to work or going on a tour, you don 't have to worry about your shoes getting wet and can focus on you and your bike.

100% waterproof overshoes for cycling made of elastic material

The overshoes for the bike are made of original raijn 3-layer material, which is 100% water repellent.

You can therefore fully rely on your shoes being protected from moisture when cycling, even in heavy rain, mud and snowfall.

Despite the water- and wind-repellent protective layer, the unisex bike overshoes are breathable, so your feet do not sweat. Adiós cheesy feet!

The right fit for every shoe size and shape

Thanks to elastic drawstrings, the flexible material adapts to any shoe shape from size 36 to 46.

Whether you have a narrow fit, wear wider shoes, normal road shoes or shoes with click system, the Onesize bike overshoes have the right size.

You simply, quickly and comfortably slip them over your shoes and have effective protection from water thanks to the high shaft.

The reinforced sole offers additional protection against slipping and the reflective elements ensure better visibility in road traffic.

Correct use and storage are key

To ensure that the protection against wetness lasts for a long time, you should only wear the bike overshoes for cycling and NOT for walking or running.

In addition, the rain shoe covers should be allowed to dry completely after use and be stored in an aired state. This will maintain the water-repellent function and durability of the lightweight material for a long time.

The advantages of the rain overshoes for cycling

Water and wind resistant:
Reliable protection against rain, splash water, snow, mud and cold wind.

Nothing comes in, but out! So your feet will not sweat and smell even less 😉

Lightweight and flexible:
You can slip it over all your shoes and always have it with you as a practical addition to your standard cycling equipment, without complicating your luggage.

Durable and hard-wearing:
With proper use and storage of the waterproof overshoes you will enjoy them for a long time.

Comfortable and stable:
As easy and comfortable as the material wraps around your shoe, it also sits as stable thanks to the drawstring and reinforced sole.

Slip resistance and better visibility:
Reflective elements and a reinforced sole ensure that you are well seen and do not slip even in poor visibility conditions.

Can be worn all year round:
The lightweight material is suitable for both warm summer days and cold weather or winter. (In freezing temperatures, however, you may get cold feet...).

You get all this with the bike overshoes

Experience even more driving comfort and safety with further practical bike accessories from our store
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