tex–lock orbit

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  • Lightning fast connection without a key
  • Protects your paint from scratches
  • Makes even the most talented thieves despair
  • Significantly lighter than comparable secure locks
  • Practical length of 100 cm
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tex–lock orbit

The flexible rope lock with steel core

With the flexible rope lock made of textiles you can lock your bike anywhere easily, quickly and safely. The tex–lock orbit stands out not only because of its lightning-fast handling, but also because of its elegant design.

The classic all-rounder consists of a high-tech rope with a hardened steel core and a lock body with locking bolt. The various high-tech fibers of the textile rope make the bicycle lock resistant against saws, common cutting tools, fire and paint scratches. The robust lock body also withstands violent attacks of all kinds and makes the tex–lock orbit a particularly secure bicycle lock against lockpicking.

Click & Go

Easy locking without key

Just one handle and your bike is safe from theft: Our specially developed lock body raises both the classic design and the functionality of the rope lock to a new level. Thanks to the clever tex–lock locking cylinder, you only need the key to unlock the lock. So just click it in and go! How easy and fast you can securely lock your bike anywhere with the flexible rope lock, shows you the tex–lock orbit video tutorial.

tex–lock orbit-morpho blue-lock-body-closeup

tex–lock orbit lock body

Unpickable bike lock

The clever locking cylinder is protected by a very robust lock body. The body, developed by Texlock experts, has several discs and a hardened steel plate that protects the locking cylinder against drilling. In and around the lock body are various hardened steels that ward off any point of attack. This robustness makes the rope lock safe against lockpicking, high torque, drilling and other attacks. To prevent the robust lock body from scratching the frame, it has a black synthetic coating.

Independently tested

Safety approved with ART*2 quality mark

The safety of the tex–lock orbit was tested by the manufacturer-independent testing institute ART through extensive safety tests. The combination of the tex–lock textile rope and the robust lock body has successfully passed all tests and thus bears the official ART*2 seal of approval.

Learn more about why bike lock tests by independent testing institutions are so important and what bike insurance companies think about it in our blog post about the orbit as a secure bike lock.

Stylish on the road

Rope lock in elegant and sporty design

use-of-tex–lock-orbit-all colors-mtb

The tex–lock orbit is not only the right lock for every occasion thanks to its functionality, but also because of its beautiful colors. While the noble black winds inconspicuously around every frame, the eye-catching orange stands out everywhere. The ideal middle ground between them is formed by the wine red chateau red with golden highlights and the tropical morpho blue with its unusual black and blue pattern.
Also available for a short time is the tex–lock Special Edition 2023 neon earthwhich catches everyone's eye. With the purchase of the neon earth you protect not only your bike, but also important ecosystems in Europe.

Rope lock tex–lock orbit-click-and-connect

Click & Connect

Connect it and use twice the length

If one textile rope lock is not enough for you to lock your bike, e.g. because you want to lock several bikes, a cargo bike or a bike with a larger wheelbase to a solid object, you can simply connect two orbits to each other using Click & Connect: Just click the locking bolt of one orbit into the lock body of the other orbit. This way, both rope locks are connected and you can use the total length of 200 cm. However, only one key fits into each orbit lock cylinder. Therefore, use the key belonging to the respective tex–lock orbit to unlock it.

Textile rope technology

Common advantages of the tex–lock orbit, eyelet and mate

All tex-locks are based on our innovative textile rope technology, which has many advantages for you. At textile locks you will find out the details. Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable protection
  • Comfortable use
  • High flexibility
  • Low weight
  • Stylish design
  • High durability

Flexible rope lock

All tex–lock orbit features at a glance

  • tex–lock orbit:
    Textile rope lock with key lock cylinder

  • 4 beautiful colors:
    orange , black,chateau red, morpho blue

  • Limited Special Edition:
    Available for limited time only

  • Practical length:
    100 cm

  • Resistant:
    Lock Picking protected lock body

  • Safety standard: ART2 certificate

  • Award:
    Design & Innovation Award 2022

  • Scope of delivery:
    rope lock tex–lock orbit with integrated lock body incl. 2 keys
black tex–lock orbit closing around bike frame
opened lock body of tex–lock orbit hanging loose on bike handlebar
Weight 1.2 kg

chateau red, neon earth, morpho blue, acid orange, onyx black

  1. Gromith -

    It is not so easy to find a reasonably useful and at the same time safe bike lock, and then you accidentally discover tex-lock, which has certainly been around for a while. Then you read about the first version and the second, you are skeptical and curious at the same time. And then you hold the lock in your hands and are simply overwhelmed, at least that's how it was for me. It looks great, has a very pleasant feel (the fear of paint scratches is gone) Even the lock body, so the thing for the key, is rubberised - what could go wrong. In short, this lock makes an absolutely high-quality impression and is definitely recommended.

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