The Special Edition 2022 - the eyelet red belly

Flexible shackle lock extension tex-lock red belly with X-Lock on möve bike frame

Practical, safe and incredibly beautiful

We present to you: The Limited Edition 2022 of the tex-lock eyelets - the red belly.

Individual & Stylish

Now there's an end to boring locks. This year's Special Edition bears the name red belly and shines in a noble and rich red that always looks different depending on the incidence of light and the viewing angle. Discreet stripes in navy blue support the color effect and complete the high-quality design.

The eyelet red belly is available in all available lengths. This of course includes one of our two popular U-locks:

The U-Lock is small and handy and allows you to attach your eyelet to pretty much any part of your bike
The X-Lock, with its extended shackle, also allows you to lock your wheel!

The proven loop-through principle of tex-lock eyelets allows you to secure your bike anywhere and in different ways - no matter where you park your bike. You can easily lock several components of your bike at the same time.

Why red belly is so special:


Since the Corona pandemic, many health issues have fallen out of focus. In order to bring these issues back to the fore, we have decided to donate 1% of the eyelet red belly turnover to the German AIDS Foundation. With this donation, we support the DREAM initiative, which enablesHIV-infected pregnant women in the poorest countries of Africa to givebirth tohealthy children andthus offer them a real perspective on life.

In addition, we have, together with the e-bike manufacturer möve ,a unique special edition of the new Urban e-bike incl. eyelet red belly auctioned .100% of the proceeds of the auction will be don ated tothe German AIDS Foundation.

Diverse & Safe

Choose from three lengths and two shackle locks to find the perfect eyelet red belly for you!
In addition to the versatile and individual customisability, you can also count on security with the eyelet!
Certified with ART2 and Sold Secure Gold and Silver, our eyelet bundles protect everything that is important to you!

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