The simple shapes of the chevrons are inspired by classic frame designs of European racing bike brands. As single glued arrows or in a row, the refined details nestle perfectly to the glued object.

The REFLECTIVE .BERLIN stickers are ingenious because they can be used universally. The accessories and bicycles of the whole family can be made to shine individually. Visibility & safety is increased decisively.

Give yourself enlightenment.

The "Chevrons" Sticker Kit is ingenious, because it is very universally applicable and creates small reflective details in a simple way that complement the existing designs super. What do you make reflective? Send us a picture or video of your result and tag it with #stilvollsichtbar.

• Additional safety at night in road traffic
• Inconspicuously simple during the day, extremely effective at night
• individual design of helmet, bicycle, lock, bags, trailer, etc.
• Does not replace the bicycle light according to STVO
• Sticks to various smooth surfaces
• Dimensions per sheet 10,5 x 11,5 cm

useful accessories for bicycle and tex-lock

Reflectiv Berlin

reflective stickers "chevron"

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