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tex—lock eyelet

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tex—lock eyelet

textile loop through lock incl. mini u-lock


129.95 € 129.95 € 129.95 EUR 109.96 139.94 24

92.40 €

(0% off)
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Lock up your bike securely wherever you are – with the tex—lock eyelet bicycle lock. The tex—lock eyelet is a textile lock with eyelets and a hardened metal core. It consists of a composite structure of multiple layers of textile fibers. Each layer performs a specific function and protects your bike from being stolen, warding off attacks using bolt cutters, fire, or a saw. The soft surface of the tex—lock protects your bike from scratches and your ears from rattling noises. 

Both ends of the textile lock transition into hardened, plastic-coated metal eyelets, a smaller round and a larger oval eyelet. Use the loop-through principle: Form a loop by guiding the small eyelet around your frame and a fixed object and then inserting it through the large eyelet. Now connect the small eyelet to your bike with the mini U-lock provided.

  • tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet bundle: Textile lock with eyelets for the loop-through principle made from high-tech fibers with a mini U-lock  

  • 4 beautiful colors: orange, gray, black, gold  

  • 3 practical lengths: S 80 cm, M 120 cm, and L 160 cm

  • Mini U-lock in two versions: U-lock (6 cm, 460 g) or X-lock (14 cm, 640 g)

  • Security standards: ART2 certificate (eyelet bundles), Sold Secure Silver (eyelet U-lock bundle) and Sold Secure Gold (eyelet X-lock bundle) 


lightweight and secure: weight information for your tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet bundle

Work out the total weight of your new bike lock by combining the length and the mini U-lock versions.

eyelet S - 80cmeyelet M - 120cmeyelet L - 160cm
incl. U-lockca. 1160gca. 1460gca. 1660g
incl. X-lockca. 1340gca. 1640gca. 1840g

find the right length for your tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet!

Racing bike, city bike, or cargo bike? Find the right lock from tex—lock to suit your bike and your style.

Minimalist and lightweight: the tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet S with a length of 80 cm and weight of ca. 700 g (without mini U-lock)

At this length, the bicycle lock takes up very little space – ideal if you like zipping around the city on your bike.

Real all-rounder: the tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet M with a length of 120 cm and a weight of ca. 1000 g (without mini U-lock)

With this length, you’ll always find a suitable place to lock up your bike – usable for practically all types of bike.

The long one: the tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet L with a length of 160 cm and a weight of 1200 g (without mini U-lock)

Choose this lock if you want to securely lock up your cargo bike, a bike with a long wheelbase, or two or more bikes.

find the right mini U-lock for your tex⁠—⁠lock eyelet    

Small and lightweight or a double dose of security for your bike? Choose between our small U-lock and the X-lock.

X-lock + eyelet Bundle

Doubly secure: Connect the tex—lock eyelet to your bike with the X-lock and take the shackle around the seat strut to lock the back wheel too.

The tex—lock eyelet with X-lock is Sold Secure Gold and ART2 certified.

U-lock + eyelet Bundle

Lightweight & comfortable: Guide the tex—lock eyelet around a securely anchored object and the frame and lock it to the bike with the U-lock.

The tex—lock eyelet with U-lock is Sold Secure Silber and ART2 certified.

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