The tex-lock eyelet in size L is a miracle of length.
The textile-based rope shows its full potential in this variant: you can have significantly more usable length without a significant increase in the weight the whole lock. You can also lock the rear wheel of your bike with the X-lock - that means double safety for your bike. 
The different sizes of the eyelets allow you to make maximum use of the length - just form a loop. The 160cm long L version is especially suitable for cargo bikes, bikes with a long wheelbase, or if you often lock several bikes.
The strong rope made of fire- and cut-resistant high-tech fibres, as well as a metal core with high saw resistance, won't let you down so quickly. As the closure for the eyelet, the 12mm thick U-lock offers the best combination of compact design and safety.
The tex-lock U series, consisting of tex—lock eyelet and U-lock, is certified according to the ART*2 safety criteria. Nothing stands in the way of a carefree ride!

The most important features for you at a glance:

Information about the tex—lock rope with eyelets *
Length: min. 160 cm
Color: orange
Weight: 1300 grams
Rope diameter: 24mm

* We cut and process each tex—lock individually. Therefore, the lengths may vary minimally. Every bike lock from Texlock is manufactured with the greatest care in our manufactory.

Information about the lock 
Type: U-lock with long shackle 
Weight: 640 grams  
Shackle length: 14 cm
Shackle diameter: 12 mm
Locking system: double-sided locking, rotating disc cylinder

useful accessories for bicycle and tex-lock

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tex—lock eyelet l orange + X-lock, ART*2 certified

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