The tex—lock mate is a textile-based rope with an eyelet at one end. At the other end of the rope is a plug-in pin, which is fixed at the side of the frame lock. (frame lock not included in scope of delivery)

You wrap the rope around a fixed object, guide the pin through the eyelet and plug it in the frame lock. Your bike will then be secured by two locks.

City bike, e-bike, folding bicycle or trekking bike can be locked quickly thanks to the flexible extension.

If the tex—lock mate fits into your frame lock, read the technical information or contact our customer service from 9.30 am to 4 pm under +49 (0)341 55019319 or write a E-mail:

The most important features for you at a glance:

Information about the tex—lock rope with plug-in and eyelet*
Length: min. 120 cm
Color: grey/black
Weight: 1040 grams
Rope diameter: 24mm
* We cut and process each tex—lock individually. Therefore, the length can be a few centimeters more. Every bike lock from tex—lock is manufactured with the greatest care in our manufactory.
Information about the plug-in pin
Material: galvanised, hardened steel 
Diameter: 10 mm

nützliches zubehör für fahrrad und tex—lock

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tex—lock mate grey

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