The tex—lock X-lock is a special u- lock - practical and extremely robust.

The extended version of the tex-lock mini U-lock allows you to lock the bike itself. The 14cm long shackle provides enough length to enclose the rear struts of the frame, so the rear wheel is blocked. The practical X-lock even fits in your trouser pocket.

The 12mm thick shackle gives the compact companion a high level of theft protection. Thanks to the plastic coating you don't have to worry about scratches in the paint.

The X-lock is certified according to the ART*2 safety criteria, when used as an individual component or in combination with the tex—lock eyelet.

Type: U-lock with long shackle 
Weight: 640 grams  
Length of shackle: 14 cm
Diameter shackle: 12 mm
Locking system: double-sided locking, rotating disc cylinder
2 keys included in scope of delivery

useful accessories for bicycle and tex-lock

Texlock GmbH


Item number 1 03 01 00062

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