the alternative to heavy and inflexible: light. beautiful. secure.

Unparalleled advantages of tex—lock: it is extremely flexible and flexible, lighter than most steel locks thanks to the high textile content and variable in color and design. Even your bike is happy with the soft textile surface and coated eyelets, as they prevent loud rattling on the frame and damage to the paint.

The tex—lock offers a completely new feel and aesthetics. Due to its high flexibility, it is easy to use and accompanies bike lovers beautifully and safely on all roads.

4 colors tex-lock bicycle lock

tex—lock principle

How does it work? The tex—lock consists of several layers of state-of-the-art, high-tech fibers also used in the aerospace and automotive industry due to their special properties.

Each layer assumes a special function and can withstand attacks by fire, cutting and striking tools. The combination of rope, eyelets and closure resembles the resistance of a steel chain.

This way you get the same security with less weight, maximum flexibility and extra style.

real variety

The tex—lock is available in four distinctive designs and three different lengths: S (80cm), M (120cm) and L (160cm).

Another great tex—lock feature is the loop-through eyelets on the rope ends. These are made of hardened steel with a plastic coating so they too can withstand tough attacks.

The size of the eyelets and the rope are fine-tuned to allow easy connection. Due to the different sizes of eyelets (loop-through principle), you can choose your ideal length, because not only the safety of the lock is important, but also what you connect your bike to (for example, always connect to a fixed structure!).

As a fastener for the eyelet rope, a small padlock provides the perfect combination of safety and compact design.