which tex—lock type are you?

Are you zipping around on your race bike or do you transport children and groceries on your cargo bike? Do you rather like flashy or do you prefer muted black? Here you can find out which tex—lock is right for you. Tex—lock is available in three different lengths:

TexLock Collage Type S

80 cm (small)

The smallest version of the tex—lock is something for minimalists and the lightweight in our range. If you like traveling with minimum baggage, this option is well-advised. For example, it is ideal for sport bikes and its 80 cm rope provides sufficient length for a secure connection.

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TexLock Collage Type M

120 cm (medium)

The 120 cm long tex—lock is our allrounder and accompanies you and your bike on every ride. It has enough length to attach not only the frame, but also the impeller to a lantern. City bikes can be secured perfectly and safely with it.

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TexLock Collage Type L

160 cm (large)

The longest tex—lock measures 160 cm. It is ideal for cargo bikes or users who often combine several bikes. In this variant the textile-based rope demonstrates its advantages particularly well: much more usable length, without adding serious weight.

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