Secure textile rope for locks with Cut protection Saw protection Fire protection Paint protection

Discover the tex–lock textile rope with steel core: a highly flexible and at the same time very strong rope with many advantages for high-quality bike locks. On this page we give you insights into the materials used and their special properties. Additionally, we show you how the flexible rope is processed into your finished tex–lock as well as the unique colour patterns.
textile ropes of tex–lock eyelet in all lengths in black with size indication

High-quality materials

Unique characteristics of the tex–lock textile rope

The revised version of tex–locks strong rope is a combination of various high-tech rope fibres and hardened special steel. With our years of experience, we carefully select the right material with the appropriate finishing so that the material properties work ideally for use in high-quality locks. Thus, our combination of materials creates a particularly resistant structure to protect your vehicles, whether e-bike, scooter or motorcycle.

High-tech fibres used even as sailing lines and crane ropes

The robust rope from tex–lock consists of various high-performance fibres that are characterized by a combination of robustness, flexibility and softness. As a result, each fiber fulfills its own function: cut protection, fire protection and paint protection. The outer textile layer is made of a particularly robust high-tech fiber that can withstand an enormously high level of abrasion. The rope fibers offer outstanding resistance to bolt cutters, because they are particularly cut-resistant. Since the textile fibres also have extremely high tensile strength, they are also used as crane rope or sail rope. The fire protection fibre is comparable to firefighters' clothing or fire protection mats. The practical paint protection ultimately lies in the nature of the soft textile, which provides not only optimum functionality but also a pleasant feel.
yellow tongs crossed out in red

Hardened steel on which saws grit their teeth

yellow saw crossed out in red
To withstand attacks with a saw for a long time, we use inside the textile rope a particular steel chain which is specially hardened and post-treated with rust protection instead of a normal hardware store chain. Being hard on the outside but soft on the inside, saws grit their teeth on the chain and blades become unsharp. The key here is that the metal of the chain is harder than that of all common cutting tools. For a high-quality lock, however, the hardened steel alone does not provide sufficient cut and paint protection: It is the combination of the hardened steel in the middle and the high-tech fibres around it that make our strong rope so resistant to all kinds of attacks, from saws and bolt cutters to fire and paint scratches.

4 advantages that speak for the strong rope from tex–lock

The tex–lock rope material combination has considerable advantages as a lock for your bicycle, e-bike, motorcycle, moped, scooter and scooter:
Our high-tech fibres are so flexible that the textile rope can easily be bent around corners and laid. This allows tex–locks to be flexibly connected even in particularly narrow or hard-to-reach places.
Despite their flexibility and low weight, tex–lock textile fibres have a high strength and can withstand great loads. Even under heavy use, the strong rope does not tear and the textile bicycle lock is thus particularly durable.
The strong fibres are resistant to all kinds of weather influences such as moisture, UV rays and temperature fluctuations. The beautiful appearance and comfortable functionality of the robust rope is therefore not affected by rusty metal parts, moss stains or other influences.

Our strong rope comes in different models, designs and lengths. Tex–locks are thus versatile, e.g. to secure two bicycles or several bike parts to a solid object at the same time. With its many colours, the textile lock can either integrate into its surroundings or stand out radiantly from them.

Careful workmanship is just as important as the high-quality materials themselves to ensure a high level of theft protection for each textile lock model .

Colourful textile rope

Lifestyle objects with eye-catching designs

Our locks are permanently available in the ever-popular standard colors. In addition, our textile rope is available every year as a limited edition Special Edition in a particularly unusual color pattern. You can see which colors your tex–lock model is available in on the product pages of the tex–lock eyelet, tex–lock orbit and tex–lock mate.

onyx black

The textile rope blends seamlessly into its surroundings and matches all styles and frame colors. Therefore the black bike lock particularly popular with us.

electric grey

With the electric grey you set a sign for e-mobility and secure your vehicle in an elegant, silvery shimmer.

morpho blue

is reminiscent of the iridescent blue morpho butterfly from tropical rainforests. It forms the ideal middle ground between the inconspicuous black and bright blue.

acid orange

if not even daunting! It undoubtedly stands out among all other bikes. Thieves will think twice before trying to steal your bike.

wild hemp

As a natural-looking piece of jewelry on your bike, the tex–lock wild hemp reflects both your love of nature and your sense of a natural, modern lifestyle.

chateau red

The chateau red gives your bike a summer enjoyable glow by reminding you of a leisurely bike ride in the vineyards with a glass of red wine to top off the day.

Careful processing

From textile rope to tex–lock

Each textile rope is lovingly handcrafted in our in-house manufactory. In the process, it is carefully checked in four manufacturing steps and processed with great care:

1. Individual length

As soon as our manufacturer delivers the 240 metre long textile ropes on cable drums, they are shortened into 80, 100, 120 and 160 cm long strands. On request, we will tailor your tex–lock to your preferred length. The length record of our custom-made textile ropes is currently 3.8 metres.

2. Assembly of the metal components

At the ends of these ropes, a high-pressure machine is used to assemble the other components, such as the hardened metal eyelets, the universal bolt and the lock body.

3. Refining of all components

The connection between the textile rope and the metal parts is refined with a heat-shrinkable tube under the influence of heat. Once the rubber is fused with the metal parts, no scratches can occur in the paint due to sharp edges. 

4. Quality assurance

The careful processing of all components is ensured by our quality management. Only when every detail meets our high requirements and the quality demands of the DIN-Spec 60016 your tex–lock receives its packaging and is shipped. Learn more in our blog article about the standard for textile-based security systems.

Rope remains for product development

Further use of textile rope remnanta

As a regional company that promotes sustainable mobility, we are aware of our ecological responsibility. That's why we do our best to ensure that as little waste as possible is generated in our production chain. That is why there are hardly any leftovers in our textile ropes. We use what is left over to test new possibilities in product development. In this way, we constantly optimise our products to achieve, e.g. higher rust protection or a more robust end product.
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