tex-lock is outstanding - new certifications and test reports!

If you want to park your bike safely and with a clear conscience, you are best guided by seals and certifications of independent institutions.
That our textile tex-locks are in no way inferior to other folding, folding or other bicycle locks made of steel is shown by the ART*2 seal of approval and the countless positive test reports of recent times.
We are happy about the new certifications we are now proud of: tex-lock is now Sold Secure Gold and Silver certified and a great test report from the best bike lock is also available!

And you can find out exactly what the new jewels of certifications and test reports are in this blog. 😉

Sold Secure Gold and Silver for tex—lock

the X-lock incl. tex-lock eyelet is Sold Secure Gold certified! And one of the lightest bike locks (if not the lightest) in this category! 

The U-lock incl. tex-lock eyelet is Sold Secure Silver certified!
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Who or what is Sold Secure anyway?

Sold Secure is the UK's leading independent testing and certification body for security products with the aim of stopping crime. They are experts* in security and test bicycle locks, alarm systems and much more. Sold Secure was founded in 1992 by the Northumbria and Essex Police with the help and support of the Home Office and is in close contact with many police forces and insurers in the UK.  

Sold Secure evaluates according to a three-level rating system:  

Sold Secure Gold as the most secure level for theft risk areas

Sold Secure Silver, which is a compromise between security, weight and price

Sold Secure Bronze, which should protect against casual thieves

Through these three levels, cyclists can assess the level of security they need for their purposes and be sure that the certified locks have been through some tough tests!

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a new test report of the best bike lock is also available!

If you search the Internet for bicycle lock tests and ratings, you will not be able to  the best bike lock  Auf der Seite findet man eine riesige Auswahl an ausführlich getesteten und sorgfältig bewerteten Fahrradschlössern – darunter neuerdings auch einen zu unseren tex—lock!

In this very detailed report the testers of best bike lock especially point out how the tex-lock stands out from other bike locks thanks to its special textile rope:
Thieves first have to fight their way through several layers of high-tech fibers before they come across a chain made of hardened steel. Best bike lock notes that the more tools have to be used and the more time has to be spent, the more likely it is that the theft will fail.
Due to the flexible rope, the different lengths and shackle sizes, there are thousands of possibilities to connect the bike in different situations - versatility is one of the greatest strengths of tex-lock according to the report. 
Connecting is easy and differs greatly from other candidates such as folding, chain or cable locks.
And when it comes to transport, the testing team hangs the tex-lock very loosely and comfortably around the shoulder or fixes it directly to the bike with the saddle bracket. 
In addition, the textile coating protects the sensitive paint of your stylish bike! Never again scratches!

And if you want to know more details, please read here !


As we can see, there are a lot of things to consider regarding safety. Certifications and test reports from independent authorities offer a good orientation for the decision for a bicycle lock. Our tex-locks can do more than just keep up with other bicycle locks and offer many additional advantages and possibilities.

The tex-lock team would like to thank you for your ever-growing trust and is happy to have it sealed!