tex-lock was conceived, developed and manufactured in Leipzig. It is therefore a product "Made in Germany". We maintain the highest quality standards and use regional manufacturers in production. The cable and all connecting parts are manufactured by German suppliers according to our specifications. The actual lock is imported. All parts are assembled at our own factory in Leipzig. Here the tex-lock is also packed with care and sent to you.

We give you the option to reorder keys - for this we need the number visible on the key bit (T...)

For a flat-rate fee of €15 per order including shipping, we will produce one to four keys for you.

The delivery times are approx. 4-6 weeks (maybe longer in exceptional cases depending on the manufacturer).


We do not offer keyed alike locks at present. But let our team know your requirements and maybe we’ll have a keyed alike lock from tex-lock in stock next season!

We would be happy to make a lock for you that matches your personal requirements. You are welcome to contact our end customer support.

Please note, however, that custom-made products cannot be exchanged.

You cannot order the eyelet individually via our web shop. However, our end customer support will gladly create an order manually for you in the system.

Since July 1, 2019, all tex-lock eyelet cables and fasteners have been ART*2-certified.

It should be noted that this certification applies if the tex-lock parts are used in combination.

Many bicycle shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland now have the tex-lock in their product range. 

Use our dealer map to find out whether a bicycle shop near you is a tex-lock dealer.

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If you decide to return the articles you ordered in our online store, please note the following:

1. please enclose the completely filled out return form (download see below). This helps us to clearly assign the return shipment and to process it faster.

2. please send the unused goods well packed with a postal service of your choice.

Texlock GmbH - Retoure
Aufgang C, 1. OG
Ludwig-Hupfeld-Str. 16
04178 Leipzig

The costs for the return are according to the  cancellation rights with you. 

3. we will inform you as soon as the article has arrived and has been checked. 

You can download the German return form here . You can download the English return form here .


We have exposed all parts of the tex-lock to different attacks.

The multilayer design of the tex-lock 2.0 cable offers protection against bolt cutters, saws, fire, leverage and tensile forces.

Saw resistance in particular has again been improved significantly in version 2.0.

The eyelets and shackle locks used in the tex-lock are made of hardened steel.

We regard DIN SPEC 60016, which was developed especially for textile-based security systems, as the quality standard.

Since September 24, 2018, the tex-lock comes with improved saw resistance as standard when you order from the Texlock online shop.

The new products have been on sale since October 2018.

You can recognize them from the “2.0” sticker on the packaging.

ART*2 is a certification for bicycles that is carried out by an independent Dutch institute.

Bicycle locks with the ART seal of approval are only approved by the ART Foundation after a comprehensive mechanical security test at SKG-IKOB. There are various load tests on cut, pull and wear machines. Central to the test are attacks using different tools over a fixed period of time. If the lock survives these attacks, it receives the seal.

When purchasing a bike, we at Texlock recommend that you invest in an independently certified bicycle lock and take out additional bicycle insurance. In the Netherlands and Germany, many insurers require customers to use a lock with the ART seal of approval.

The ART*2 seal for the tex-lock eyelet always remains valid when used with the tex-lock U and X-locks.

Technical information

eyelet S:

Eyelet without lock: 780g

Eyelet with U-lock:  1240g

Eyelet with X-lock: 1439g

eyelet M:

Eyelet without lock:  1050g

Eyelet with U-Lock: 1510g

Eyelet with X-Lock: 1700g

eyelet L:

Eyelet without lock:  1300g

Eyelet with U-Lock: 1760g

Eyelet with X-Lock: 1950g

It all depends on which frame lock you have.

In 90% of cases, our tex-lock mate fits into the usual frame locks. Give us the name of your frame lock and we will tell you if it is compatible. However, you can also order the mate and test it yourself to see if it fits.  If not, you can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days and return the lock to us. The shipping costs are borne by us.

As the outer fabric of the cable is made of polyester, it should generally be handled with care.

We have equipped the tex-lock with an outer material that is dirt and water repellent, similar to an outdoor jacket.

Coarse dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth without leaving a trace.

As a precaution, it is best to treat the tex-lock regularly with an off-the-shelf waterproofing spray.  

When it rains heavily, the tex-lock gets wet too. Just dry it in the fresh air.

Daily winding and twisting can leave its mark on the cable.

You should therefore straighten out and flatten your tex-lock from time to time.

If a loop should ever form, you can pull it in again or massage it in, so that the loop is quickly reintegrated into the mesh.

Like all metal parts, the U-lock may receive a drop of oil from time to time.

Information about shipping methods & costs can be found here.

Information on payment methods can be found  here.