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Important for theft protection is not only the bicycle lock but also how you connect your bicycle. Conventional bicycle locks don't give you many options - but secure locking is so easy!

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1. always lock your bike to a solid object

The bicycle should always be attached to a bicycle handlebar, lantern, tree or similar fixed object so that the thief cannot simply carry it away. The tex-lock products are practical everyday companions and can be connected anywhere.

2. protect your wheels from thieves

It also makes sense to secure both wheels. Nothing is more annoying than finding out that someone has stolen the two precious parts. Two wheels at the same time can be protected with length M or L depending on bike type and frame size.

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3. best to double secure your bike

According to the motto "Double is better", high-quality bicycles should be secured twice. If you choose our X-Lock shackle lock for your tex-lock eyelet, you can also lock the rear wheel. The tex-lock mate can be used as an extension for frame locks.

4. park your bike in bright and crowded places

Last but not least, you should always park your bike in busy places. Generally speaking, every lock is crackable - how much time the thief needs is crucial. In dark corners he can take his time, in public places thieves usually give up after a few seconds.

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the tex-lock principle 

Most steel locks are inflexible, clatter and scratch the paint. The robust fibres of the tex-lock, on the other hand, are extremely soft and flexible, making it easy to connect the bike in countless variations. The tex-lock models are up to 160 cm long and, thanks to the high textile percentage, lighter than comparable steel products.


always have your tex-lock with you

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click into saddle mount

With the special mount your tex-lock eyelet can be fastened under your saddle via magnet and velcro. The sizes S and M are suitable for this and can thus be transported optimally.

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quickly and off you go

You can easily wear your tex-lock eyelet as an accessory on your body. The soft material fits comfortably! Just close it with the U-lock, throw it over your shoulder and off you go. The 120 cm long M version is particularly suitable for this.