fahrradschlösser made in germany

All production steps take place in the tex-lock production facility in the west of Leipzig, where development, administration and distribution are also located. The former rooms for logistics and production in the West plant in Leipzig's Karl-Heine-Strasse quickly became too small. Since August 2018, Texlock GmbH has his production in the Ludwig-Hupfeld-Center, a former piano factory.

In the Leipzig production facility, the 240-metre strands delivered on cable drums by the rope manufacturer are assembled. The pieces to be further processed have lengths of 80, 120 and 160 centimetres, but can also be adapted to customer requirements. In the next step, the rope is fitted with the specially developed eyelet eyes at both ends. This is done mechanically by means of high-pressure pressing. The stability of this connection of rope and eyelets has been confirmed by tensile tests within the ART*2 certification.

The internal quality management monitors the entire production of the components and the internal logistics.

texlock bild
texlock bild

Regionality is a key factor in the selection of suppliers. All participating companies in the supply chain for the tex-lock eyelet and tex-lock mate are based in Germany. Due to the proximity to the supplier companies, components and processes can be optimised continuously and quickly.

The production staff, through whose hands each of the locks passes, are of course enthusiastic cyclists themselves. As different as the bicycle, as individual are the connections that each employee has to the bicycle and the bicycle culture. These experiences and a great passion for detail make tex-lock a handmade design product "Made in Germany".