raijn, dark blue, male

raijn, dark blue, male


note: raijn is not available for shipping to following countries: Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries

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raijn is multifunctional rain gear that transforms from a rain jacket into a jumpsuit in just seconds. Optimized for cycling, raijn serves as a flexible companion for your mobile everyday life. raijn is ultra-light, highly water-repellent, breathable, and compact to transport. raijn offers outstanding performance for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

It is equipped with many practical features, such as water-repellent zips and carefully taped seams from the inside, generously applied reflective stripes, a helmet-compatible hood, and ventilation openings that always ensure an ideal temperature. In addition, raijn can be practically stowed away in a belt pouch. 

raijn is produced responsibly, fairly, and in the highest quality, and all materials and ingredients used are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

  • Changeable from rain jacket to jumpsuit  

  • Practical and easy to transport

  • Weight: 500 g

  • Pack size: 1.5 l

  • 3-layer material

  • Water column: 20,000 mm

  • Breathability: 25,000 gr/m²/24h

  • Water-repellent zippers and welded seams

  • Adjustable hood with reinforced peak and perforation

  • Reflective stripes on hood, sleeves, back and legs

  • Machine-washable at 30 °C in gentle wash cycle

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raijn is an innovative clothing concept and combines function, fashion, and mobility in a practical manner. In the blink of an eye, a stylish rain jacket becomes a jumpsuit:

  1. Loosen the inward folded pant legs in the waist area

  2. Fold the pant parts to the outside and close the zippers  

  3. Now close the press studs on both pant hems

  4. The adjustable elastic in the waist area ensures an optimal fit.

Optional rain overshoes complement the all-weather look to keep you dry until you arrive at your destination.

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raijn is made of a particularly light 3-layer material and offers a 20,000 mm water column. The breathability of 25,000 gr/m²/24h also provides a natural temperature regulation. Thus, no moisture can penetrate from the outside. At the same time, sweat is transported away as water vapor from the inside to the outside via the microporous membrane.

raijn is also equipped with ventilation openings in the back area as well as under the arms. Perforations in the hood provide you with a fresh breeze and allow you to hear ambient sounds in traffic.

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raijn can be compactly folded and packed into the integrated belt pouch at any time. With a packing size of 1.5 l and a weight of 500 g, you can always have raijn along with you! Thanks to the integrated eyelet, the belt pouch can also be attached to your rucksack or bag.  

Whether on the bike, in a kayak, or while hiking: raijn offers all outdoor enthusiasts the necessary comfort and protection against all kinds of freak weather both in everyday life and while travelling.  




raijn is not available for shipping to following countries: Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, France, Switzerland and the Benelux countries


What size do I need? Since this is an outdoor garment that is not cut to fit the figure, we have designed double sizes in the following sizes: S/M woman, L/XL woman, S/M men, L/XL men

raijn takes into account that rainwear is often worn with warm clothing underneath. In general, raijn sits loosely and offers a comfortable fit. Refer to the size chart to select the correct size.

We have taken anatomical peculiarities into account and have created raijn in two different sizes, each for women and men. There are differences in waist size, sleeve, and leg length. The elastic waist band runs around once in the women’s version, while in the men’s sizes it runs only around the back. In addition, the waist seam is higher in the women’s sizes overall than in the men’s sizes. For clothing sizes XS to M, we recommend the raijn size S/M; for clothing sizes L to XXL, the raijn size L/XL.

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raijn can be washed at 30 °C in the gentle wash cycle with mild detergent. Partial soiling must be removed by wiping the surface. Please do not rub vigorously! Product care has a strong influence on the life of your garment - and thus on its sustainability. Regular airing and wiping of the fabric surface also keeps your raijn breathable and properly equipped for a long time.

After the rain passes, raijn should be spread out briefly or ventilated over a chair or hanger. When dry, raijn can be easily stowed away in the integrated belt pouch.

Wearing comfort

raijn is made of a highly breathable 3-layer material with a breathability of 25,000 gr/m²/24h. This ensures natural and pleasant temperature regulation. Additional ventilation features under the arms, in the back area, and in the hood also transport the humid air away to provide a pleasant temperature. If you easily start sweating, or for longer periods of use of the raijn, we recommend wearing sports underwear or cycling clothing (in other words, the layered look) under the raijn. This way, the sweat can be quickly transported to the outside.  

Large reflective stripes are attached to the hood, front and back, sleeves, thighs, and calves. So even from far away, you are always clearly visible - both in fog and in the dark.

Simply open the zippers in the inner leg and fold the pant legs inwards to the waist. These are fixed inside with snap fasteners; in no time at, all the jumpsuit becomes a coat.


The name of our rainwear is derived from the Japanese weather god "Raijin." As one of the oldest deities, he is associated with the weather and its effects. According to the teachings of Buddhism, he represents the forces of nature and is therefore understood as a good spirit. We want to transport this positive energy with raijn.

We are very proud that raijn is realized by a premium outdoor clothing manufacturer based in China. High quality products are created under professional and transparent conditions and manufactured under fair and safe working conditions. Through trusting dialogue and an exchange of knowledge, we can constantly improve and grow together.

All materials used are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.