the clever construction makes it safe


The patented construction of the tex-lock bicycle locks is unique. Each layer of the textile compound fulfils a very specific function and thus protects against attacks with bolt cutters, fire or saws. The balance between material use and requirements in practice is optimally matched and has been extensively tested. In the 2.0 version, the saw resistance has been significantly improved. We regard DIN SPEC 60016, which was developed especially for textile safety, as the quality standard.

schichten textil fahrradschloss kreis gelb saege schwarz

saw resistence

The saw resistance is guaranteed by a hardened metal core inside.

fahrradschloss textil dritte schicht hellblau gelb kreis bolzenschneider

cut protection

Bolt cutters and blades are repelled by the special molecular structures of this functional layer.

textiles fahrradschloss grau schwarz zwei schichten kreis gelb schwarze flamme

fire protection

Proven by fire brigades and fire protection, these fibres withstand maximum temperatures.

schicht optik textilfahrradschloss schwarz grau gelber kreis bluete

frame protection

The soft fabric cover protrcts your pint from scratches.

tex—lock reviews

It always comes down to the effort a thief needs to pick a lock. Bike locks from tex-lock make it especially hard
for thieves! In various tests the tex-lock 2.0 withstood over four minutes!


certified and recommended

tex-lock has been tested and certified for safety by several testing institutes. Many insurance companies recommend their customers to use a tex-lock for their bicycles.

ART*2 certificate for bike locks

Sold Secure Gold and Silber certificate

Winner in the test of the Coya bicycle insurance

The e-bike insurance ENRA recommends tex-lock