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from the idea to the product

The minds behind tex—lock are Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand. They are bike fans with body and soul - and product developers by vocation and passion. Equipped with textile know-how and dissatisfied with the existing bicycle lock solutions, the founders developed the idea for the tex—lock from their experience.

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Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand sought a solution to the problem - and found it in their previous work experience with technical textiles. Because their experience has shown: fabrics can do much more than just clothes! Since the two women from Leipzig, Germany, are traveling a lot by bicycle, they experienced the frustration of having to drive around with clattering, unwieldy metal locks every day. The bright idea: a bicycle lock made of textile. That was the starting signal for a two-year development all the way to their company: Texlock.

In the meantime, we are no longer alone. Our team has grown and carries the idea and the product into the world. We sell the tex—lock directly and manufacture it ourselves. We pay attention to the highest quality and prefer regional suppliers. The final assembly of all parts takes place in our own manufactory in Leipzig. Here the tex—lock is also packaged and sent to you.

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