The tex-lock rope including shackle lock weighs:

S-variant 1240g (without lock 780g)

M-variant 1510g (without lock 1050g)

L-variant 1760g (without lock 1300g)

The small shackle lock weighs approx. 460g grams with a shackle diameter of 12 mm.

The rope without metal parts weighs approx. 500g/100cm - so you can use a lot of length without generating much more weight.

The tex—lock rope can be combined with many other padlocks or frame locks. This results in even more possibilities to secure the bike. Please check beforehand the diameter of the bracket. It should not exceed 20mm.

The tex-lock is a textile-based bicycle lock. The innovation lies in the combination of low weight, good handling through flexibility, good security and a contemporary design. We pay attention to the optimal shape and size of the eyelets and the rope in order to enable convenient connection. Not only the safety of the lock is important, but also how to connect your bike (e.g. always connect to a solid object to prevent carrying). The soft surface of the tex-lock prevents scratches and rattles on your beloved bike. We would like to emphasize that the tex-lock has no higher security than steel products (chain lock, etc.). Tex-lock is a product "made in Germany" and is assembled and shipped in Leipzig.


Since the outer material of the tex-locks is made of polyester, you should generally handle it carefully.

We have equipped the tex—lock with a dirt and water repellent outer material, similar to an outdoor jacket. Coarse dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth without leaving a trace. As a precaution, the tex—lock should be treated regularly with a commercially available waterproofing spray.

If it rains heavily, the tex—lock gets wet too. Dry it in the open air.

The daily winding and twisting influences the rope. From time to time, stretch your tex—lock for a while and smooth it out.

Like all metal parts, our lock likes a drop of oil from now and then.

tex-lock was conceived, developed and manufactured in Leipzig. So it is a product "made in Germany". During the production we pay attention to highest quality and regional manufacturers. The rope and all connecting parts are manufactured by German suppliers according to our specifications. The closure is imported. The assembly of all parts takes place in our own factory in Leipzig. Here the tex-lock is also packed by hand and shipped to you.

All in all about 2.5 years. However, it must be said that product development is a continuous process. There are always things that can be optimized. It is planned to offer further product variants.

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The tex-lock mate frame lock extension will soon be available on the market and can also be ordered in our online shop. It is an extension for frame locks, which makes a firm connection possible.

The tex-lock mate is a textile-based rope with an eyelet and a universal bolt made of galvanized, hardened steel. This fits into many common, available frame locks and thus makes the tex-lock mate usable for numerous bicycle models - especially e-bikes.

The mate is available in black and grey-black with a length of approx. 120cm.

The tex-lock is available from many selected specialist dealers in Germany and Europe. You can find a dealer card on our homepage at:

If the retailer you trust is not yet there - please let him know that we exist.

Yes, you can order the eyelet on request without the closure and also in your desired length.

please send us Your inquiry to get an individual offer.