more flexible than the competition  -

tex—lock eyelet

available in three lengths


With tex—lock eyelet, you’ll always find a suitable place to lock up your bike securely. 

Textile lock with eyelets: 2 mini U-lock versions, 3 lengths and 4 colors


Use tex—lock mate with a frame lock to stop thieves from carrying or wheeling your bike away. 

Textile frame lock extension with universal pin: Double protection, suitable for conventional frame locks


Round off your cycling equipment with the right care products, spare parts, and functional accessories.  

Additional equipment for tex—lock and accessories for your bike

textile layers and a metal core: lightweight and secure 

long and flexible: lock up securely 

independently tested and certified

no scratches, no rattling: attractive and practical

is tex⁠—⁠lock a fabric bicycle lock?

Yes and no. Anyone who isn’t familiar with it will sometimes call it a fabric lock or textile lock. To be precise, it’s a composite of high-tech textile layers and a metal core. This innovation offers maximum security and flexibility with a low weight and soft surface.

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how do I lock up my bike securely?

Find a fixed object in a busy, well-lit street and lock your bicycle to it securely through the wheels. With our flexible fabric bicycle locks, you’ll always find a safe place to lock up your bike.

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how is the tex⁠—⁠lock made?

We manufacture our bicycle locks by hand and with great attention to detail in a former piano factory in the west of Leipzig. All our employees in production are enthusiastic cyclists.

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your tex—lock: find the bicycle lock that’s right for you!

Tell us who you are and what bike you ride, and we’ll show you the right lock for it. Do you prefer things minimalist or do you want to be prepared for all eventualities? With the right tex—lock, you’ll always be on the safe side!


You prefer life without anything weighing you down, you live for speed with less weight. 
You ride: A single-speed, fixie, gravel bike, or racing bike

That's me

Cyclist through and through
Your bike has grown with you and your life. You use it everyday, including on cycling tours.
You ride: A trekking bike, urban bike, e-bike, or mountain bike 

That's me
Social cyclist
You rarely ride by yourself, good preparation is your key to success, children are the future.
You ride: A cargo bike, with a trailer, or in a cycling group
That's me
A cyclist who likes things comfortable
You like exploring your city and unfamiliar places, the wind in your hair gives you the feeling of freedom, you love new horizons.
You ride: A bike with a frame lock
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