High-tech fibres for cycling enthusiasts

tex-lock founders Alexandra Baum and Suse Brandt

Creative entrepreneurship

We love to think about products in a new and different way. We are Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand, textile and fashion designers, and our team consists of 25 enthusiastic bicycle lovers. The textile-based, highly flexible and paint-friendly tex-lock bicycle locks are our success story. In 2020, we were even awarded the title of 'Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland' (Culture and Creative Pilots Germany) for showing courage, commitment and always asking what we can do even better.

Machine rope making

Responsible and regional

When selecting our suppliers, we pay attention to short transport routes as well as energy and environmental standards. We only work with permanent employees in assembly. High-quality components and careful processing reduce material waste to almost zero. We also attach great importance to the efficient use of packaging materials that are as ecological as possible. As you can see, we are on the way to even more sustainability.

tex-lock rope lock in production

High quality and durable

We place particular emphasis on high-quality components and careful workmanship. We manufacture at our Leipzig site in accordance with strict German and EU regulations. Our internal quality management monitors the entire production of components and internal logistics. We regard DIN SPEC 60016 for textile-based security systems, which we actively helped to develop, as the quality standard for our bicycle locks.

We make the (bicycle) world more colourful and safer - with tex-lock

We are Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand, developers of tex-lock, bicycle enthusiasts and textile designers. We are always finding innovative approaches to rethinking products. In 2014, for example, we came up with the idea for a flexible bicycle lock made of high-tech fibres. In 2019, we developed raijn, a new type of multifunctional rainwear for active outdoor enthusiasts.

Since 2018, our production team has been manufacturing tex-lock bicycle locks with great attention to detail. The employees through whose hands each lock passes are themselves enthusiastic cyclists. As different as the bike is, as individual are the connections that each member of the team has to the bicycle and bicycle culture.

A former piano factory in the west of Leipzig offers our production, development, administration and shipping departments enough space and creative room for high-quality design products. For us, 'Made in Germany' and 'Made in Leipzig' are just as much part of the company DNA as the highest quality and maximum safety.

Production in Leipzig

240 metres long and rolled up on cable drums, the high-tech fibres arrive at our factory from our producers. We love the sound of the trucks when they deliver the components to our factory in the old piano factory in the west of Leipzig. From the textile strands with a hardened metal core, we produce the tex-lock bicycle locks in 80, 120 and 160 cm lengths. Sometimes we also produce other lengths at the customer's request.

Then we attach specially developed metal components to the ends of the textile strands. A special machine presses these together with high pressure. In practice, some forces act at this interface. The ART*2 certification confirms that the connection between the textile strand and the metal components is really stable after extensive tensile tests.

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The aim of the project is to obtain approval for a funded, advanced R&D project in cooperation with Saxon companies and research institutions. This includes extensive research, the identification of scientific and industrial partners, the structured evaluation of the existing knowledge base, the preparation of the content of the application, and the application for the R&D project.

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