tex–lock eyelet

129,90  - 199,90  incl. VAT

  • Secures all important components at the same time
  • Protects your paintwork from scratches and does not rattle
  • Certified safety from ART and Sold Secure
  • Significantly lighter than comparable secure locks
  • Length of your choice: 80 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm
  • U-lock of your choice: D-lock, U/X-lock
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U-lock with textile rope

tex–lock eyelet Bundle with D-lock or U/X-lock

The tex–lock eyelet is a U-lock with a textile cable. It is available in various bundles with the U-lock and textile cable of your choice. With the eyelet you can securely connect several bike parts or bikes together to any solid object . Thanks to the high security levels of the eyelet bundles and the flexibility and different lengths of the textile cable, the tex–lock eyelet is the ideal lock for e-bikes, e-scooters, cargo bikes and the like.

You get all this with the tex-lock eyelet Bundle

Dimensioned graphics_eyelet UXD

the eyelet Bundle with dimensioning

U-lock of your choice

Two shackle lock options at eyelet-Bundle

You can choose between the D-lock and the U/X-lock . The eyelet D-lock Bundle impresses with maximum security and low weight. The eyelet U/X-lock Bundle , on the other hand, boasts two shackles of different lengths, compact dimensions and even less weight. Both shackle locks have a lockpicking-proof locking cylinder and a shackle lock on both sides, making it extremely difficult and time-consuming for thieves to pick.


ART*3 and Sold Secure Diamond U-lock

D-lock single product Product photo

Weighing just 970 grams, the D-lock is the lightest secure U-lock in the ART*3 and Sold Secure Diamond security classes. It has an automatic keyhole cover, a triangular shackle profile and is rubberized all around. All this makes it the best U-lock for high-quality bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, scooters and mopeds with a high risk of theft.


ART*2 and Sold Secure Gold U-lock

U_X-lock single

The U/X-lock counts as a small and secure shackle lock in security levels ART*2 and Sold Secure Gold. With the shorter U-lock shackle, it is a mini shackle lock that offers very little attack surface. The longer X-lock shackle secures more components and can be attached directly to the solid object . With both shackles, the U/X-lock offers a high level of theft protection for bicycles.

The eyelet textile rope

Three lengths, six colors

The textile rope is the heart of the eyelet bundles. The combination of materials and the clever design offers multiple protection and a pleasant feel. It looks strikingly beautiful and there is the right length for every application.

textile ropes of tex–lock eyelet in all lengths in black with size indication

Robust textile rope

Rubberized metal eyelets

Beautiful colors

Multiple protection

High bike lock security levels

The eyelet bundles are ART and Sold Secure certified

The manufacturer-independent testing institutes ART and Sold Secure have rated the two tex–lock eyelet bundles as secure bike lock as a secure bike lock. To guarantee certified security, the tex–lock eyelet textile cable is only available in combination with our U-locks.

eyelet L acid orange D-lock Application photo-close

eyelet D-lock Bundle

ART*3 and Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond

As a Sold Secure Diamond bike lock, the eyelet D-lock Bundle has the "highest level of theft protection for bicycles, even against serious attacks with special tools such as angle grinders". The ART*3 certification also confirms the "good protection for bicycles with a high risk of theft as well as for scooters and mopeds".

eyelet U/X-lock Bundle with X-lock bracket

ART*2 and Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Gold

With the longer X-lock U/X-lock bracket, you can connect at least one bike component to a solid object . The eyelet U/X-lock Bundle with the X-lock shackle is ART2 and Sold Secure Gold certified!

eyelet mx chateau red mood
sold secure silver approved use of tex–lock eyelet colour orange with U-lock 

eyelet U/X-lock Bundle with U-lock bracket

ART*2-certified lock

Use the U-lock shackle to lock your bike and additionally secure it with the eyelet textile cable by inserting the small metal eyelet through the large one and locking it to the bike with the small shackle lock. The eyelet UX-lock Bundle with the U-lock shackle is ART2 certified!

Locking your bike properly

Endless possibilities with loop-through function

Use the loop-through principle to secure as many bike parts as possible at the same time:

Transporting a bike lock

Easy transportation with holder or bag

The eyelet bundles are true flyweights in their security levels. They don't add unnecessary weight to your luggage and are easy to stow away. It's even more convenient with these two transport options:

Bike lock for e-bike & co.

Versatile use for all vehicles

Thanks to their flexibility, length and high security levels, the eyelet bundles ideal are suitable for securing large or bulky and particularly high-value vehicles, for example, as a..: 

Insurers of mopeds and scooters often even require an ART3 lock. A bicycle lock with ART*2, such as the eyelet U/X-lock Bundle , is usually sufficient for insuring normal bicycles.

Textile rope technology

Common advantages of tex–lock eyelet, orbit and mate

Each tex–lock is based on our textile rope technology, which has many advantages for you. These are the common advantages of all textile lock-models at a glance:

Weight 0.0 kg

onyx black, electric grey, morpho blue, acid orange, wild hemp, chateau red, one spirit


S - 80 cm, M - 120 cm, L - 160 cm

Mini U-lock Option

D-lock, U/X-lock

  1. CARSTEN -

    I have had the "eyelet" for a year. According to my opinion it is perfect, flexible and so far I have been able to attach my bike safely everywhere. Of course, nothing is safe. But I think it takes time to cut this lock. In size "M" sufficient for everyday use, shopping, work, etc. I am thinking of buying another one, in size "L". This would then go on a trip with me when I cycle through Germany. You shouldn't skimp on a good lock! And it can also be transported well with the bag.

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Flexible U-lock extension tex–lock eyelet in orange, size S wrapped around itself

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